My everything hurts to my core

Thankfully I can’t feel anymore

Now I limp and such

It is still too much

Though I desire doing more and soar

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Crying Inside

C ooled off yet those eyes

R ighting issues does not help

Y ada yada ya requires being adults

I n this situation you need to be more

N ow known is the time to act about it

G reatly seen as a weeping willow outside

I n need of a break and none are happening

N early on your ass,yet you do feel the blues

S creening new situations as they come flying

I n the now, you do come out swinging for it all

D ecide the path and get it all together right now

E veryday can be improved if you try to get it done

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Some of them want to use you

Some of those pretend they’re abused

They step up and let it out

No longer wanting to pout is it right?

Our relations are those in time abused

But that is also being put in a bad place

One that acts without prejudice or race

It also steers away from attacking a sex

But now all that is left is a song


Thrown down a hole…

It is dark and covered

some 30 feet down

It may have been 1000s

because a snare got me

Too tight to climb out now

Covered in dirt and insects

No way out it seems from this

perilous time

My heart beat does start to


I feel the trembling and the

cold beckoning me to quit

I am about to and can’t believe

I am about to

No memory of things being right

No help coming from anywhere

in sight

I was a cog and now just a mess

to be cleaned afterward…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Fell hard

F or a moment I thought I died

E erily it was like Deja Vu to me

L ost here before was my thoughts

L ikened to the feelings of purgatory

H ad to let myself being distracted now

A ny other thing would be a wrong answer

R eady to get up but I do need help with it all

D ressed and ready to go but I am badly stopped

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


Left for dead

Given no voice

Have had the rug pulled out from under me

Besmirched, dissed, put down and worse

Lost in a manner of seconds

Words wasted as well as time

Work had and lost

Relationships ending all around

Simply not good enough

Seriously feeling anxious and sad

No way to have prepared

It happened so quickly

It happened without cause

It seemed better than it was

A facade dressed up as a present

A curse and not a blessing

An IQ that dropped to nothing

Elevation dropped through the floor

Evanescence throughout my being

Early gains are now massive losses…

Pissed off

P ast normal bad moods

I can’t believe I am always

S urely this is not normal, right?

S et to go off on the wrong person

E asily I can find my target for this

D oing what I can but I am but I’m shot

O nly back to back bs will cause this for me

F requently my mood is just OK yet I am forced

F or the people in question, I say EFF the hell OFF

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey