H aving aches and pains

U sually I back down but…

R eady to push past the soreness

T ime to fly and move forward always

I nto the abyss I shoot for the moon now

N ot taking any time off and going real hard

G etting pain but I will succeed and push past…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


Coming in all shapes, sizes and colors

they do not last long

Their life is very short lived but glorious

and the shine brightly

They catch your attention with vibrant

colors and stems

They lure pollination and lots of proreaction

to have another bloom

The stamen is a filament that lures those

to continue the strand

Continuing to keep the roots coming towards

forward and rewarding

The colors and mixed strands are beautiful and


They come in hot like a meteor and leave very

quickly and fizzle OUT

2917 Copyright Paul McAleavey


I’m lost in so ace and my mind

is gone

I can’t get you out of my thoughts 

no matter what 

My brain is stuck in Rubik Cube mode 

as if I’m trying too hard 

Puzzles, even simple ones are driving 

me crazy

I’m sweating profusely trying to get a


I’m in between dream state and reality

it seems

I’m nervous, cold, hot, clammy and 

just not right

It sure as hell has me in an odd place

that makes me insecure

I’m just frenzied with trying out what 

to think as I do wonder…


So what if I am?

I want more so….

So what if I am??

I do not care I desire things…

So what if I am greedy???

I have needs that are not being met…

So who cares if I am greedy????

If I want to be better isn’t that good?

So why do those around me shun me??

I am bettering myself with hard work

I deserve to be more and to be greedy, so?????

At the end of the day I am…

Veruca Salt, I WANT IT NOW!!!

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


My Vixen is out there

Smart and sweet

oh so complete

A dime piece at least

A new wife if life’s bad

battles retreat

She knows where to push

and it makes me gush

How does she own me so


When I am so definitely


How she dances her words

around me

How she makes me feel

a fool

How she has me waiting as

if a lost puppy

Embered leaves are reinvigorated

with her swirling passion

Enamored since first sight of this

Angelic Delight

She is out there swirling and curtseying

as she bows with a devilish grin:)

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


Need to relax but I am forced now

A need for improvement

Getting ready for track meets

Needing a second job too

Have had some illnesses hold me back

But I am pressing more

Help has been given but I’m trying now

More than I have before

A desire to get more as I took time off

I need to get back to me

The weather is changing and I’m ready

Need to get my swag back

I am distancing myself from bad advice

Though I’m truly behind

The pressure is on to get into my groove

So I must do it right now

I do put it on to myself as I judge myself

Harder than anyone else


I get built up inside at times

it irritates and pisses me off

Sometimes it is next to nothing

and other times a whole lot

When it gets bad, I do get wiped

the hell out

It can be physical, mental, financial

and emotional

Many instances it has me bed ridden

as I have a lot of issues

Yet I often get wayyy too much done

and baffle doctors

I still need to be, do and achieve a lot

more to prepare me

A surge is coming and I need to get

some conditioning for what is ahead

I need to purge my system and that is

a messy situation