One slice, two slice, three slice, GONE/LOVE STINKS

How many licks or hits to get to the center of?

There are actually articles on both, which is scary

Do we all deserve love, do we all deserve love?

DO we all deserve lust, do we all deserve lust?

Do we all lie about which we want?

Do we try to get over and play them?

DO we simply find ourself played?

Should we try so, try hard and forever give UP?

Do we get back on the horse to get bucked again?

Do we get jaded and are simply waiting?

Just screw with not much feelings, except the

gushy wet kind. Sorry, needed to…

There is no such thing as a heartless badass

The bigger the bigger their heart and alone they

cry the hardest

Those playing do so just as much and more

There is not shame being played or the fool, did

you at least have fun?

Did you get anything back?

If so, move on to the next and if not take notes

Do not be over jaded and guarded but live a bit

freely but also do not BE MEAN!

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey Paul McAleavey



I have a friend here who is always generous…Check out his site

He is always as generous and more than I can be to him as I write more. Yes you need to translate but just look at all his awesome menu that he adds to daily. I know I have a great group of followers that would fancy a tour of his site.

Is it a bad think wanting what you LOST?

A physical strength, endurance and as a kid dismissed

Growing, being held back besides family saying no

Their hold is so strong they ensured they’d disown me

I was Olympic Trial qualified in 4 events but non US

meaning ancestors I would have made it and medalled

Many other things but I was taught family did come

first. Held back, belittled and I gave up everything for

mother and grandparents and they gave me crumbs

yet being mad I miss some things. I do prefer improving

my former athletic ability, lost mental ability and go on.