Crying Inside

C ooled off yet those eyes

R ighting issues does not help

Y ada yada ya requires being adults

I n this situation you need to be more

N ow known is the time to act about it

G reatly seen as a weeping willow outside

I n need of a break and none are happening

N early on your ass,yet you do feel the blues

S creening new situations as they come flying

I n the now, you do come out swinging for it all

D ecide the path and get it all together right now

E veryday can be improved if you try to get it done

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Fell hard

F or a moment I thought I died

E erily it was like Deja Vu to me

L ost here before was my thoughts

L ikened to the feelings of purgatory

H ad to let myself being distracted now

A ny other thing would be a wrong answer

R eady to get up but I do need help with it all

D ressed and ready to go but I am badly stopped

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Pissed off

P ast normal bad moods

I can’t believe I am always

S urely this is not normal, right?

S et to go off on the wrong person

E asily I can find my target for this

D oing what I can but I am but I’m shot

O nly back to back bs will cause this for me

F requently my mood is just OK yet I am forced

F or the people in question, I say EFF the hell OFF

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


Out of the way

O ut here it seems everyone blocks you 

U nder every possible to almost hits people

T here are those plowing a driveway and jumping into roads

O h you’re late? Everyone here is late and I see at least 2 accidents a day

F or me the cut me off in the bike lane, or I get screamed at going against traffic

T hey yell that’s what the bike lane is for!!! No a cyclist or pedestrian have the right of way

H ow to correct this? Well most drivers here have warrants and they cause deadly accidents and I see them all over.

E ven someone  crosses with the white go notification gets a person killed. Idk how any of them get a license to begin with.

W ondering, will I ever drive here? Hell the eff no as I try to avoid accidents and a walk or bike ride is fine as you Go then you’re plowed

A way to get into a mantra of sorts is to be defensive, real defensive with a lot of looking especially at sunset as it’s blinding

Y our life can be ended any day with the plethora of moronic drivers. It’s extremely 


M ind over matter

A lways moving forward

S chooled to be advanced

T houghts as a potential pro

E vents lead to your skill set 

R ight on time to become more

F reely accepting new challenges 

U sing time to be the absolute best

L eaders are born and not just made

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Trying hard?

T he trick is to keep going

R egardless of many hurdles

Y ou must move forward always

I n a better of mind you’d neglect.

N othing that you wish to hold onto.

G oing sideways at times does happen

H owling winds blow you all over the place

A nd you have to endure this challenge, just go

R eally be ready for the worst, practice your plays

D oing this also needs inclusion of the added things

2017 Paul McAleavey

Lost world

L ooking for shelter anywhere

O nly to find a world that’s bleak

S oon as you realize you have to go

T hough it is easier said then done

W ithout comparison you may be lost

O r you were born later and did not better

R eally, it is about placing times in an order

L ost is still how many people live these days

D oing nothing to help yourself is always bad

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey