Six word story number 4 part 61

“A little good, a little bad”


V ery easy win on most days

A nyone can fall beneath my feet

N ot all days but it is in most of them

Q uick to look forward to a fight next week

U nder assumption there will be a trouble maker

I will have to squash anything in this set instance

S hould have done it at an earlier time though

H eld my tongue, fist, head butt and more

E very bit of wondering what will be

D oing what I have to in the end


***It will be a flawless victory***

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Looking forward to homework and maybe some sun

I have to go back to the well and start doing homework for dealing as i have a month and I altered my shuffle and need to be faster. I have to do a lot more and get some work in, some training and do so whether I feel good or not. Whether I can muster it if I am short stacked and run into the horrible winds we have will alter my days as will my calf pain, which is a damn clot I am breaking up slowly. UGH


Poesy plus Polemics

suite of blue sea gary komarin “Suite of Blue Sea” by Gary Komarin

from the window

through intangible

bars of a dull

psychic prison

a longing for life

as it ought to be

peaceful blue

unburdened sea

fresh air freely

affirming ambitions

for all those as yet

unmade memories

maybe tomorrow

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I Wasn’t One of Them

I never thought that it would affect me.

When I first came to Buffalo, NY, I would vaguely hear about its history of division and discrimination.

Most of my peers on campus were from the New York City area so I never felt like I was far away from home. Even though cases of discrimination goes on in Long Island, people are a little more liberal, so I never felt threatened by anyone from another race.

One day I learned that being a minority in Buffalo has its adversity. I applied for a retail position at the Galleria Mall and I was excited because, I was confident that I would get the job.

I ironed by best attire and headed to the interview with high hopes. I prayed before I walked into the store and noticed that there was a lady who appeared to be the manager waiting by the…

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A commentary on people out here

There are those born here and those that seem like they are. They have awful grammar, bad or no teeth, a good 300 percent obese and a good 2-4 inches below the national average. Most smoke and do every drug possible. Except professional transplants. Now that weed is legal here they are high as fuck all the time and it wreaks in most places.The law is that you must have a medical marijuana card on you at all times and that you can only use it for medical reasons and at home. NO, that does not mean because you drive a lot that your car is your damn home. Casino employees can’t come in contact with it and most of the school attendees looking for casino work are big smokers and merely try to live off of student loans and do not even look for work. SIGH***

Tomorrow I’m Bruce Banner

Last time this happened I was locked out

I thought

I was able to get back in but not here

I’m told

I’ll hope to run out in the early morning 

For supplies

Then I’m packed as I’m not leaving

My belongings here to be 

Charged more to get it out

So I’ll be on the road trekking

No money no way I’m out

Plus I’ll be losing my phone

ASAP tooo

So no computer or anything

Just walking the earth

No choices

No options

Not waiting

A day again to be yelled at