Hot dogs and French fries

I do not like either. I may partake though

this means nothing 

I’m not trying to blend in or similar but

I do it my way

I don’t like garnishes or many condiments 

yet I have to get that taste out of my mouth

So, potato chips and the like take its turn 

against the angst

My life is defined about doing things I do 

not want to digest

Yet, like many things, I am forced to have 

them down my throat

What does this say about me? I take a lot 

of crap from all over

It means I get cheap and expensive shots

at times

What the hell ever as I get shit on one way

or another

I was the bigger person bla bla bla

What did it get me?, Not a damn thing

Family hating me

Family not knowing me

Who cares

I am going to face to face them

I am going to get what I DESERVE AND WANT

Fuck them all and fuck them hard

They had it easy

Try being an on call chauffeur with threats if I was not

Try being called at all hours to babysit an elder

Try being told to pick your child of a sister at jail twice as

a kid

Try having them and more judge you

Try being the most unlucky fuck around after all of your


Try walking 15 feet in my shoes

Six word story number 4 part 79

“I am like a barbeque DONE”

Squat Challenge Day 23

Today is mainly cardio. Start off with 3 minutes of any cardio at a high clip. Then add your body weight to squats for 12 reps. 1 minute and do 5 sets. Next is either bleachers  or doing steps and do 6-12 flights and then lunges all on one side for 15 reps and do 4 sets with a minute of rest.

The monster is back in me….

I was completely content sleeping until 2 weeks ago. Now I am up and dpomg things I am unproud of. My body is giving out a lot and I have a monster schedule ahead if I get there. Many ppl just like and do not read, which I get but I am putting myself in peril and must leave soon or there will be consequences. I destroyed the bed and can’r fix the mess and avoided my lying roommate all day while he said do not worry all day for 10 hours. I am assed out and this is the last fucking time.


My experiment is down to weeks

What that means I am unsure of. Where I will go is the same. But I will make changes and get out from under anyone’s thumb. Yes I will head back home and i will have my friend see what of mine is left, including if the doggie survived though I am sure she was killed. I will have social services in a meeting for sure and I will have one with the department of employment as I was owed money. I will have a trip and it will be cheaper to fly myself and a friend here than to ship things if I go that route. But I am not sure just yet.

Six word story number 4 part 78

“I think I am done now”