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Hullo, Dear Reader. Guess what? I got talked into being the second interviewee for my brand new, ongoing feature,Comfy Confabs. The interviewer being the interviewed?! How on Cthulhu’s sweet, barren earth did that happen? Well, I’ll tell you how… It’s all the fault of one Candice Daquin, and if you don’t know who she is then you really need to edjumacate yourselfatThe Feathered Sleep. Okay, go. Go now! Go and have your eyes opened and your mind exploded. I’m serious! I’ll be here when you get back.

Right, got all that? Good. So, anyways, I approached Candice to be the focus of this second interview, but instead of a yes I got an offer to be interviewed by her instead. “You’ll be more interesting!” she said. “But I’m a career hack!” I protested.She was having none of it, soI folded rather moreeasily than…

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Malchaneux avec Colocataires

I have had hard times, bad luck, been told one thing

to have another happen and more. Oh go here and try

this or that since i was let go. Move in with this and that

one. Now the person I live with was tested and he failed.

I had a screw up, he moved in and I did not want to leave

my money in the house based on who he lived with prior.

It was a mistake that was worse than leaving it. I was ahead

and could have paid two phone bills and have rent for an

added week and was working. Then he is a trust fund person,

broke all the time and I buy food but back to my money. I went

to donate plasma and it was taken. Poof gone. Then my ex boss

paid me less than I was supposed to get and let me go before

getting an added 6 hours. This made me hella short on rent. I

could do nothing. Turns out my roommate tells me bc my uncle

happens to have a name you would not expect to have more than

one in a building and there are three is crazy as my roomy is ex

dea and was told he is a dealer while he knows it is the other but

the rumor is there. My roomy was supposed to bail me out but he

instead gave me excuses and excuses and I bought food and said

it was towards rent when I was short and with fees it is crazy now

but there is no reason for him not to help after he cleaned my food

out and now plans to get a room knowing I am out on my ass in a

week as I lost my small job and I am constantly not sleeping for the

first time since I moved here. I have also heard very disturbing things

and now I am assed out and past trust. So, I have a few days and he

will get a place and I will be evicted and not allowed here and be the

one on the floor if he even allows me. Mind you he was seen trying to

steal and because of his prior living situation I put myself in a dumb

mess, lost money without even having a chance to deserve losing it

and then lost work and was short and had no chance or help. Now he

has given me the run around and he plans to go to CA today and not

help and if he does, big if, I will not be allowed on the grounds. So I am

assed out…Time to move again to nowhere this time and the chicks

here that are dumpy and flirt with you and hate on others actually

fuck them and then ask for your help. This place is bonkers…

Hopefully an OD will happen…Un fucking believable.

Eneatipo 9 y sus subtipos(Eneagrama de la Personalidad)

Comparing, Belittling and Competing


I have always thought that being a little competitive is always good for myself. However, it is a thin line between healthy comparison and belittling yourself. There is a saying in Chinese, 长他人志气 灭自己威风, meaning: lauding the spirit of your competitor and belittle that of your own. I always believe the biggest enemy is oneself but that doesn’t mean I don’t compare myself with others, even subconsciously.

When I was working my way up in my career ladder, I compared myself with peers around my age group and education level. Whether I am on par or do I exceed the average. It’s like having an invisible bar to cross in order to feel accomplished. In my own time and methods, I manage to relinquished such thoughts and kept it from affecting my performance. You see, such thoughts can be detrimental. If I surpass the invisible bar, I will feel…

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The Mace


Kurukshetra war was raging… An epic battle broke out between king Shruthayuddha and Arjuna… Shruthayuddha screamed:  I have given word to Duryodhana that I will kill you today and win the war for him.  Krishna maneuvered the chariot so well that Shruthayuddha couldn’t find the target and it frustrated him.  Shruthayuddha thought:  I cannot slay Arjuna as long as Krishna is driving the chariot.  He began to aim at Krishna, breaking the rule of war.  Arjuna countered his weapons.  A few arrows hit Krishna.  Shruthayuddha began to use celestial weapons at Krishna and Arjuna employed the counter measures.  An angry Shruthayuddha took a glowing mace.

Krishna told Arjuna:  Don’t counter that weapon, let it hit me.  A shocked Arjuna told:  Why !. I cannot do that.  Krishna told:  Trust me and do as I say. 

Shruthayuddha hurled the mace and it roared towards Krishna like a meteor … Suddenly, it…

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Kalemin İzi



Durmak istemiyorum artık. Biliyorum ki durursam içimdeki acı yeniden alevlenicek.Beni darmadağın edip ordan oraya sürükleyecek. Teselliyi belki kelimelerde, belki satır aralarında bulmaya uğraşıyorum. Yüreğim duygularıma hükmediyor,aklım kalemime.Aklım vazgeç diyor kalbim olmaz diyor.Aklım mantıklı ol acı çekeceksin en derin hücrelerinde bile hisseseceksin diyor,kalbim olsun ondan gelene razıyım diyor.Akılla kalbin çatışması bu.Her zaman kalbin galip geldiği ama aklın haklı olduğu. Sonuç mu akıl deliye döner kalp artık hayata küsmüştür…


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Six word story number 4 part 72

“Today will be a GREAT DAY!!!”