Squat Challenge Day 24

OK we are down to the last week and yesterday was easy, right? đŸ˜‰ Well today is max day. Start with weighted squats. Your body weight plus it on your back for 12 reps. Then add 25 percent and again and again for three more sets of 4-8. Repeat the same with smith machine or db squats and finish up with leg presses. For those start with double body weight and the rest as per regular squats. Take 3 minutes in between sets

Squat Challenge Day 23

Today is mainly cardio. Start off with 3 minutes of any cardio at a high clip. Then add your body weight to squats for 12 reps. 1 minute and do 5 sets. Next is either bleachers  or doing steps and do 6-12 flights and then lunges all on one side for 15 reps and do 4 sets with a minute of rest.

Squat Challenge Day 22

Easy day or is it? Wall sits, then rep out squats, then 30 pace lunge walks, then squat hops and finally 50 jumping jacks. No rest and 5 sets until you drop!!!

Squat Challenge Day 21

Today is hard abs to cardio and then squats and other leg work. If you can get outside please do so. Start with side plank holds for 45 seconds on each and keep your body parallel to the ground. Next will be mountain climbers. The positions is like a push up or plank hold and stay low and run like you’re climbing a hill without letting your back dip or arch for 20-30 reps on each leg. Then side leg lifts. Hold on to something and face the wall or preferably a fence and one leg at a time lift your leg as high as you can without using momentum and do 15 reps on each side. Then sumo squats. Have your feet as wide as possible and keep your back slightly arched and drop below parallel without dipping forward and do 30-40 reps. This is back to back with just a minute in between. Do 4 sets. This will suck! Next are crunches to the left, then right and finish in the middle, 15,15 and then 30. Now jumping jacks of running in place with high knees. Do it for a minute. Finish holding dumb bells or any other weight you have and rep out, each set will obviously drop if you do it right. Take 90 seconds in between and do 4 sets and you are done!

Squat challenge Day 20

Starting with side squat walks, advanced people stay in the low crab position and go as far as you can, walk back and face the other way to get the other side and take 3 minutes and do 3 sets. Then do high as possible squat hops and engage your abs by crunching into the top of the movement for 15 quality reps and take your time and 2 minutes and do 3 sets. Last do as many squats as possible and go lower than arallel.


Squat Challenge Day 19

Today is all legs. Start with leg extensions, a warm up of 8-15, add 30% and 3 sets of 6-8, same rules apply to both leg curls and smith machine squats except the squats are your body weight on your back for the work sets.

Squat Challenge Day 18

Today is a mix. Start off with as many proper push ups as possible, then bicycle crunches and do 20 reps and finish with body weight squats and do 30 reps and take no time in between. Do 3 sets. Next are plank holds, db presses or wide fly presses and then half of your body weight either on your back or held with dumb bells. Do 3 sets of all back to back and do 12-20 reps. Last is a one set max. Bench press, sit ups and then full body weight squats…