Popping pills and bottles

I must wonder if

I am doing too much

Lost a lot

Lost a lifetime

Many memories

Many moments

Now I am here and doing it

Not sure where I will end up

Not caring



Can’t stop the feeling….

I’m lost in emotions

I am set in my ways

It is no surprise to be this way

My pocket has some Kleenex

My nose can run at times

My eyes can well up

Then again I do rhyme

Those bad times I need to…

Thoroughly just get my groove…

No stopping this at all

Not happening anytime

No sir I am ready

Here it comes now

How do I explain it?

Hell there is no way, so…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com



One slice, two slice, three slice, GONE/LOVE STINKS

How many licks or hits to get to the center of?

There are actually articles on both, which is scary

Do we all deserve love, do we all deserve love?

DO we all deserve lust, do we all deserve lust?

Do we all lie about which we want?

Do we try to get over and play them?

DO we simply find ourself played?

Should we try so, try hard and forever give UP?

Do we get back on the horse to get bucked again?

Do we get jaded and are simply waiting?

Just screw with not much feelings, except the

gushy wet kind. Sorry, needed to…

There is no such thing as a heartless badass

The bigger the bigger their heart and alone they

cry the hardest

Those playing do so just as much and more

There is not shame being played or the fool, did

you at least have fun?

Did you get anything back?

If so, move on to the next and if not take notes

Do not be over jaded and guarded but live a bit

freely but also do not BE MEAN!

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com



Some days…Being watched…

They are just lacking

Those ones just happen to suck

The days are just bad


You are ridiculed

You are flat out lied about

You’re on the bad WALL


It makes you quite sad

It’s as if you’re being watched

I smash the windows


No crocodile tears

No desire to go on now

Needing to regroup

2017 Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com


Sirens sucking men in

They sing, they cry and catch men

by surprise

They lure them to their own failure

and some men get lucky

They can be in all shapes and sizes

and can give a lending ear

In respect, they play a coy and cold


They ruin men because they are so


They even reach to their past to get

new victims

These are sour, full of vitriol people

and have no right to anything

This is not no alimony or spousal


Instead this is plain targeting men and

lot of flirting

This happens especially at work and if

you run away, you are DONE

Then they ruin your life, take it as a trophy

while not knowing the damages

They are aware of their actions and are often

very young

Beware, beware of the singing and God praises


2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com




Spoken in ill fated childish circles

they are always about you

You can’t escape these evil words

they do follow you

Do they make you feel inferior?

are you afraid?

Are you being falsely being judged?

does this seem stalker like?

Does it follow you from your home?

you see shadows…

These childish things do sicken you

and they persist

They are in all subjects, shapes, sizes

and more

But they never do stop, do they?

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com



Six word story part 4 number 23

“Superbowl is coming up REAL SOON”