Some of them want to use you

Some of those pretend they’re abused

They step up and let it out

No longer wanting to pout is it right?

Our relations are those in time abused

But that is also being put in a bad place

One that acts without prejudice or race

It also steers away from attacking a sex

But now all that is left is a song


I am all out…

Yes this goes to a song

But I am all out without you

My life was worth living but no more

Yes I put you up extremely high and I

received shadow puppets from you

How can I find you?

Where will you be?

I need it as I am still hopeful


Surfing treacherous waters…

It reeks horribly of death

The sharks are in the water

Your blood is what they really crave

Thoughts and emotions are added also

More and more is what they want from you

They are disturbed if they can’t get your heart

It is all a game and it is something they just do

The it’s not you it is me is a sign often used

Hearts, saved on their arms as a trophy

No care about all of their pains given

You are just a floor mat to them

They kill you with their lies…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


You’re all over me…

Your birthday set in stone inside

my brain

Your name, a tattoo across my chest

and it bleeds colors still

Your history with me and those very

steamy nights, hard to overcome

Your fragrance, not perfume, rather

your bodies’ natural scent

You have my laundry go back to back

to back and more with your scent

You have me waiting on a green light

one that has me waiting for you:(

You are the measuring stick of any

that I may date FOREVER

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey



You left me all alone

Your I love you lies

Yet I can’t say goodbye

Why am I worthless?

Why am I merely a toy?

When do I get to fly?

The meteor crashed on me

The Tsunami  hit harder

The 5.0 earthquake too…

But all I can do is think about YOU

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


No bias…

I come for you straight up and head on

No way out you’re staying true, NOT GONE!

No racial excuse

No sexual use

You’re called out while wearing a new DON

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


Rage against the storm

Alas you’re afraid

All will be fine if prepared…

A simple answer


Become more than IT

Batten down the damn hatches

Be ready for this


Hell and high water

Here comes the monster beneath

Hurricane, full STEAM


This thing is coming

There’s no way you are running

Then just go charging!!!

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey