Sirens sucking men in

They sing, they cry and catch men

by surprise

They lure them to their own failure

and some men get lucky

They can be in all shapes and sizes

and can give a lending ear

In respect, they play a coy and cold


They ruin men because they are so


They even reach to their past to get

new victims

These are sour, full of vitriol people

and have no right to anything

This is not no alimony or spousal


Instead this is plain targeting men and

lot of flirting

This happens especially at work and if

you run away, you are DONE

Then they ruin your life, take it as a trophy

while not knowing the damages

They are aware of their actions and are often

very young

Beware, beware of the singing and God praises


2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey



The Past…

Things lost in the fire that was ME

Too much litany but here goes

Love and laughter

Movies and sneaking

Training with purpose

Pets, a house and dancing

Bad days were good days

Watching American Idol

Stealing kisses under blue light

Touches and caresses

Rhythmic rolling sweet orgasms

Repeating, back arching

Breaking headboards

Nobody mattered but us

Electric touches from the floor to

the ceiling

Zaps from anywhere that landed

with purpose

All I did was to get to you my dear…

I need that feeling back in my life

I do not want to live like this..

Rather I wish to take the past and

put it back into NOW and the FUTURE…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey




A vision

Seen in the in between sleep

almost dead not breathing

almost awake jerking up

The repetitive sight is quite

lovely while being scary

likened to an Angel but

likely a temptress 

Normally woken frantically

it picks back up

it lures you back

it makes you crave

it feeds off your thirst

Will you have it again tonight?

yet are you afraid?

yes but you do lie?

you lie to your own self?

your craving eclipses fear?

you need to get off this drug!

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

My Lust and being her TOY or her mine?…

I feel like I’ve been hit by a TRUCK

With your hunting I am always STUCK

You’re like a WICCAN

I am broken MAN

All that’s left is our DESIRE to FUCK

2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey




U nders are stripped off

N aughty time is coming

D oes it just mean sleep

R eally an over or under

E yes on her if there are

S ome like to sleep nude

S ome do like doing hmm

E asily left that real open

D o it yourself I’d suppose


2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey

In a place we desire…

We all have different ones

Different ideals

Different exotic wants

Possibly hidden in light praise

But an ugly under persists

A lure

Using a worm as bait

Using money

Using compliment

Possibly regurgitated poetry

Just enough to sucker

them in

You, the ones in question

are not worthy

Yet you ensnare people

You jump from one leaf

to the next

With all the same idioms

Using power not substance

You are entitled and by others


You did not learn as a kid to treat

someone with thought and sincerity

Just your desires and throwaway meals

Now to the next day’s CANDY

Or moreover, the NEXT VICTIM

The one you promise and HURT

Real people pick up the fragile

belongings you ruined

It is baggage but if we care we

do help

But those who hurt do and often



2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey



She’s crazier than you and needs a Gangsta…

Her needs simple…


But there’s a catch

You must be batshit


Yes, she wants that

That turns her on

That turns her out

That must be YOU!


with her. YOU must


than all others…

If so, be TRUE

She will be there


But Are you?



2016 Copyright paul McAleavey