Crying in bed

Memories of us and all that was good

brings me to tears

My melancholy feelings get the best

of me

An empty bed, a hollow heart as there

has been much loss

While I at least cherished the time where

you chose me…

The times and final one when you didn’t 

have left cardial scars

Strokes, seizures, gun shots, grenades and

more would hurt less

Loss of being, staying in bed and unable 

to even wash the covers

Your scent and hair still being their fills

my nostrils and a quick fix

I was always hooked on you and it was

forever like

Without is like going through DTs from


Questioning self worth is a daily challenge

that I always lose

I’m destroying the place while left here

crying in bed…
2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

The smallest things…

A sunny day

A window to look out of

A frolic in the park

Seeing any movie

Eating out anywhere

Making a meal and a mess

Playing with a puppy

All things enhanced by you

All things dulled without…

Where did you go?

You remember our place

Let’s say be there at 8?

Don’t worry if you are late

Just to see you would be seal OUR FATE…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey



Your perfect hair

I know it is I was there, remember?

100 strokes back and forth

I did your straight iron for you on

most nights

I remember having that glow in

your cheeks while having

pillow fights

Do you still think of the walks

to nowhere?

Does it dawn to you that my

Birthday is soon?

Does it matter that you left me

raw and open?

When we chased each other

around trees

When we climbed neighbors

fences and were free…

When we trained and just had

fun doing it…..

Are you even the same person

anymore I wonder?

Are you the one with the huge

heart that blushes often?

Are you unable to tell one

from another?











Always was and always still is YOUR PERFECT HAIR…


2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey




How Could YOU?

You had me at Hello

You were always high, no lows

You had me so fooled


I was so blinded

I’m so “a”shamed of myself

I should’ve stayed OUT


But I still wonder,

But you brought me in YOUR game

But now I’m broken…


Though I am to blame

Tears on my pillow, they’re soaking

To you I’m no one


Frost now in my veins

Forever, NEVER The SAME

For I once did SOAR


Yes my blood is POOLED

Your hips on me GRINDED

You I’ll never TOUT…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


Senses are dull

I can’t feel a thing

I’ve lost my feeling for you

I did and it’s true


You once were my world

You betrayed all of my trust

You lost me for what?


There is no answer

There will be no truth from you



Will you even FEEL?

When I spring it upon you

Well, sadly I DOUBT…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


You know where I am when you look

You distracted me

You were drunk

Your crocodile tears

You just left me

I needed you

You needed drinks

You’re a bad drunk

Your tears on my shoulder

I was there for you AGAIN

You only needed me when drunk

You did when sad

You made your own misery

I wanted more for you

You pushed me away one last time

You did it for the last time

I am still broken inside

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


Lilies in her hair

Exquisite flora fits her cheeks so well

dies inside to be in her way

She seems to always find my path on

a daily romp around town

Why do we never speak?, not even a

little bit

Trying to but you whisp up your cell

as I get close

You eye me up and down, laugh and

seem to blush

You torture me but I think it is you

that is afraid

Yes you, with the lilies in your hair

wearing eye catching nothingless

Nothing gets me away from both your

lilies and your eyes

Then again there is a quake to how

your lips tremble

You will eventually drop your guard

as this is not coincidence

You seem to relish dancing around me

and I can’t take it

You and your never ending dazzling

display of new colors of lilies daily

One day your loving will be all mine

it will be oh so good

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey