One slice, two slice, three slice, GONE/LOVE STINKS

How many licks or hits to get to the center of?

There are actually articles on both, which is scary

Do we all deserve love, do we all deserve love?

DO we all deserve lust, do we all deserve lust?

Do we all lie about which we want?

Do we try to get over and play them?

DO we simply find ourself played?

Should we try so, try hard and forever give UP?

Do we get back on the horse to get bucked again?

Do we get jaded and are simply waiting?

Just screw with not much feelings, except the

gushy wet kind. Sorry, needed to…

There is no such thing as a heartless badass

The bigger the bigger their heart and alone they

cry the hardest

Those playing do so just as much and more

There is not shame being played or the fool, did

you at least have fun?

Did you get anything back?

If so, move on to the next and if not take notes

Do not be over jaded and guarded but live a bit

freely but also do not BE MEAN!

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey Paul McAleavey



My Vixen is out there

Smart and sweet

oh so complete

A dime piece at least

A new wife if life’s bad

battles retreat

She knows where to push

and it makes me gush

How does she own me so


When I am so definitely


How she dances her words

around me

How she makes me feel

a fool

How she has me waiting as

if a lost puppy

Embered leaves are reinvigorated

with her swirling passion

Enamored since first sight of this

Angelic Delight

She is out there swirling and curtseying

as she bows with a devilish grin:)

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

The Past…

Things lost in the fire that was ME

Too much litany but here goes

Love and laughter

Movies and sneaking

Training with purpose

Pets, a house and dancing

Bad days were good days

Watching American Idol

Stealing kisses under blue light

Touches and caresses

Rhythmic rolling sweet orgasms

Repeating, back arching

Breaking headboards

Nobody mattered but us

Electric touches from the floor to

the ceiling

Zaps from anywhere that landed

with purpose

All I did was to get to you my dear…

I need that feeling back in my life

I do not want to live like this..

Rather I wish to take the past and

put it back into NOW and the FUTURE…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey




Yesterday, an AWFUL DAY

Everything went wrong

Alarm malfunction

My whole face was swollen and red

It is hella cold and the ride, long

Sent home from work didn’t help

I thought we wee cool, I wrote a pm

you never answered

I feel like a monster and looked

like one

Are you the one I never had sadly

got away?

You came in with light and flirting

through our words, we spiral

You write and I answer to raise the


Yesterday was such a lonely day and

I should hear your voice

Just that alone makes torture just a

thing and I’d be fine

Without you and I bantering I many

not be just fine but…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey



While away…Picking myself and need…

I find that things changed

Too many  things have altered

Can I get it back?


Chaos is my life

Trying to regain order

Hope it’s not late?


I just let things go

I made mistake this I know

I will make this up


Need  a chance I say

No  reasons are left to stray

No worries I’ll STAY…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey



Safety net…

A haven, a peaceful place

A vault to keep money

A place to keep you


Until you agree

Under timing you’re anxious

Useful knowledge keeps you aware

No getting around security…

Yet you still live in fear

You’re panic room

Your hiding place














2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey



Inside out

It seems there is something wrong with me

my insides are outside

There can be many reasons to feel this way

as I can see my inners

Is there any medicine or doctor that can help?

I doubt it

Can I be slowly nursed back to health after this?

most certainly not

All of your lies were just that and pure bullshit…

that’s why I am inside out


***I may call you out on WP***

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey