Will you hate me if I disappear?

I may or I may not

We ended badly

So since we do talk

Would you or won’t you?

I may just become a new corpse

I may just intentionally be a statistic

I could simply just go the fuck away, so?

You won’t care

You will worry ehh

You may lose a meal, so?

You were the finish line in it

Maybe the needle that broke a back

Maybe a lie that came back to me

Maybe I was past dealing with it

Maybe I didn’t want to live

mom already gone you don’t know it

Tomorrow I’m Bruce Banner

Last time this happened I was locked out

I thought

I was able to get back in but not here

I’m told

I’ll hope to run out in the early morning 

For supplies

Then I’m packed as I’m not leaving

My belongings here to be 

Charged more to get it out

So I’ll be on the road trekking

No money no way I’m out

Plus I’ll be losing my phone

ASAP tooo

So no computer or anything

Just walking the earth

No choices

No options

Not waiting

A day again to be yelled at


Senses are dull

I can’t feel a thing

I’ve lost my feeling for you

I did and it’s true


You once were my world

You betrayed all of my trust

You lost me for what?


There is no answer

There will be no truth from you



Will you even FEEL?

When I spring it upon you

Well, sadly I DOUBT…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com


To just end it…

An old douche friend who never was one

Violence from you and we are done

Trust me I am glad

Yes I’m fucking mad

Next time seeing you, you’re lives are NONE


***Just saying the dark side is unleashed***


2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com





Bad tempers

Violence is coming

Deadly violence

It will hit you

behind your back

You can’t prepare

It will be Armageddon





A brutality

Will end in ER visits

Maybe morgues or being

 buried up the road

I know this and still

can’t compare

Can’t prepare

No knowing what will happen

Hell awaits



2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com




Peace while comfortable

***Nice knowing unsavory people***


P.erhaps it’s relief

Possibly it’s a lot morE

Predictions had failed


T.hough it was trying

Too much to do with no timE

Tomorrow haS. comE


For mE. this is great

For others they hate it all

For two nights relaxed


Sad I tried while there

So, Craigslist ads all failed me

SaY.ing I tried hA.rd


Left so much beh.IN.d

Lost were people for my stuff

Lots to sell for months


Now I get A.nswers?

Not since March or until now?

Not much I can do


A .FEW. calls to make

Amid charges I have made

About to be fun!

2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com

***A dance is coming PLUS***


Your Royal Fakeness

Those around you do not know

of the disdain you have for your

 own family. Talking behind everybody’s

back. Playing a politician to show off

children and use as lures for gifts

The family you left behind you mock

daily but keep them on FB in case you

ever need something from  them.

The Crocodile Tears you will cry and

have your kids Kayfabe for the one

who tried the hardest, treated the worst

left to die on the side of the road like an empty

can. You never went looking, never wondered

and that is why you will never have that info to

make you look sincere to others when you are trash.

Your scorned doings mark you and you will

pay one day. It will be time for you. Contempt

you have in life will be dirt thrown on you

in Death. Remember when in pain before you

go, who should you make amends with?, too late.

Your mockery of things you were too dumb to ever

know and never were told family secrets, yet you hold

disdain for everyone and illness that will eat away your

Innards as you bleed painfully, internally, slowly,

getting cold by the hour as faster, YOU do not DESERVE!

Suffer and suffer dearly and for a good time too.

In your warped world the Rabbit chases the Wolf, the Dark

side is the Good side, you laughed as monsters killed

off the nice girl who never did you wrong. You are nothing,

never will be. Just dust. Of the Billions only a small few will

have a name remembered in history and YOU are not one.

You deceased in your coffin and are holding on to your

Soul to hear someone speak nicely of you and one by one

each gives a bland fake speech and you get to have

YOUR CROCODILE TEARS back you monster!


2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com