Surfing treacherous waters…

It reeks horribly of death

The sharks are in the water

Your blood is what they really crave

Thoughts and emotions are added also

More and more is what they want from you

They are disturbed if they can’t get your heart

It is all a game and it is something they just do

The it’s not you it is me is a sign often used

Hearts, saved on their arms as a trophy

No care about all of their pains given

You are just a floor mat to them

They kill you with their lies…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


You’re all over me…

Your birthday set in stone inside

my brain

Your name, a tattoo across my chest

and it bleeds colors still

Your history with me and those very

steamy nights, hard to overcome

Your fragrance, not perfume, rather

your bodies’ natural scent

You have my laundry go back to back

to back and more with your scent

You have me waiting on a green light

one that has me waiting for you:(

You are the measuring stick of any

that I may date FOREVER

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


Voices that cause me Pain

 Sometimes it is exquisite

Sometimes it’s insufferable

Sometimes you’re numb

How did this happen again?

How come you can’t see it?

How is it you can’t avoid it?

First off you are trapped

Then you want out

You get sucked back in

due to makeup sex

If you stay eventually

you’ll get married

Then you’ll wonder why?

It’s a roller coaster worse

than Everest

The back and forth while

begging for seconds…

You stay for the wrong

reasons, it’s on you

If you keep injecting drugs

into yourself, you’ll die

But you don’t realize the

drug you’re on

Instead you stay subservient 

and often cry

You’re excusing things that you

complain about

You need someone to shake

some sense into you

WHY?, because YOU’RE the

reason that you are in PAIN

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey





Why do you flirt but won’t commit?

I come racing to you

I come for a place made for two

You are not around

To you, am I a clown?

Do you play, flirt, mock and run?

Am I the only one?

You may have time to do this often

But I turn attention to YOU

You know who are

But you still do play

Is tomorrow just more of today?

I am waiting for your call

I dropped my phone and I am trying and all

But I am at a payphone

That is where I will be

I will outrun many to get to you

But are you just still a SHREW?

Or ready for more?

You I adore

From your glasses

To your cheeks

I know you blush

Your side swiped updo

Yes I notice you

Oblivion all around

But you…

I am..

2017 Paul Mc Aleavey


Popping bottles…

You gotta need to

You’re going out this week and it’s through

Time to take that juice straight to the head

Then no it’s no time for bed

Ready to get yourself popping?

Ready to get yourself noticed?

Gonna act stupid

Gonna be a lush?

It goes straight to the head

It still is on until you’re in bed

But your party is on

But the drinks still coming

Keep your flirt on

Keep your strong hand on

Remember if you don’t remember it didn’t happen

Remember if it ends in a pregnancy it did happen…

2017 Copyright






One slice, two slice, three slice, GONE/LOVE STINKS

How many licks or hits to get to the center of?

There are actually articles on both, which is scary

Do we all deserve love, do we all deserve love?

DO we all deserve lust, do we all deserve lust?

Do we all lie about which we want?

Do we try to get over and play them?

DO we simply find ourself played?

Should we try so, try hard and forever give UP?

Do we get back on the horse to get bucked again?

Do we get jaded and are simply waiting?

Just screw with not much feelings, except the

gushy wet kind. Sorry, needed to…

There is no such thing as a heartless badass

The bigger the bigger their heart and alone they

cry the hardest

Those playing do so just as much and more

There is not shame being played or the fool, did

you at least have fun?

Did you get anything back?

If so, move on to the next and if not take notes

Do not be over jaded and guarded but live a bit

freely but also do not BE MEAN!

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey Paul McAleavey



Sirens sucking men in

They sing, they cry and catch men

by surprise

They lure them to their own failure

and some men get lucky

They can be in all shapes and sizes

and can give a lending ear

In respect, they play a coy and cold


They ruin men because they are so


They even reach to their past to get

new victims

These are sour, full of vitriol people

and have no right to anything

This is not no alimony or spousal


Instead this is plain targeting men and

lot of flirting

This happens especially at work and if

you run away, you are DONE

Then they ruin your life, take it as a trophy

while not knowing the damages

They are aware of their actions and are often

very young

Beware, beware of the singing and God praises


2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey