Out of the way

O ut here it seems everyone blocks you 

U nder every possible to almost hits people

T here are those plowing a driveway and jumping into roads

O h you’re late? Everyone here is late and I see at least 2 accidents a day

F or me the cut me off in the bike lane, or I get screamed at going against traffic

T hey yell that’s what the bike lane is for!!! No a cyclist or pedestrian have the right of way

H ow to correct this? Well most drivers here have warrants and they cause deadly accidents and I see them all over.

E ven someone  crosses with the white go notification gets a person killed. Idk how any of them get a license to begin with.

W ondering, will I ever drive here? Hell the eff no as I try to avoid accidents and a walk or bike ride is fine as you Go then you’re plowed

A way to get into a mantra of sorts is to be defensive, real defensive with a lot of looking especially at sunset as it’s blinding

Y our life can be ended any day with the plethora of moronic drivers. It’s extremely 

If someone is sulking to themselves and nobody knows, are they considered feeling fine?

Whether living alone or with someone that does not

pay attention, they are bad for you

If you are blatantly obvious with your mood, sadness

and more, how can they not see it?

It is like if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it

does it mean there is no sound or that it happened?

Many depressed people give out all the signals and if they

are missed they sometimes die

Why does this happen so often and is likened to the kids’

bullied shoot up a school

People need to not need to have only “tunnel vision” and

realize that someone is off

I went through several issues and one was after a near fatal

car crash and I was left for dead

I was revived twice and had convulsions and was given bad

meds for me and I could not wean off easily

I slept through an entire month and that was at 2 weeks and

it got worse and took a year to get off and this is for all people

going through any issues that may hinder them

I also see this with people that have other illnesses, whether

physical or mental

It is sad that people and even doctors sometimes do tooooooo

much or do little and it causes a fatality

We need people seeing and hearing us and knowing a change is

made and helping, not ignoring!!!

Don’t just see it and be proactive!!!

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com

Popping pills and bottles

I must wonder if

I am doing too much

Lost a lot

Lost a lifetime

Many memories

Many moments

Now I am here and doing it

Not sure where I will end up

Not caring



If I die before I wake…

There’s nothing left of me to take

No more rules

No more lies

No deceptions

No other nonsense

I’m away from pain

I’m free from the fall

I’m free from it all

I’ll not recover

I’ll be scarred

Nobody escapes 

Nobody surrenders

Nobody does ever get me

Never matters

Never is a point

Now I take my cue

Now I’m in hiding

Never gonna be me again

Not down with it

Nor do I care

Foolish mistakes occur in places unknown 

Had similar but different opinions

Then they went flipped

Realism hit

Illness hit

Needing to turn one off

Need to not lose what I have

and what I’ve missed

But I may have no alternative

I won’t say more

I won’t lead on

I won’t miss a non dead

family member hiding

I won’t go there either

I just will be and what

happens happens in

a few days

Protests, crimes and shootings?

I sincerely doubt anyone has not heard of any of these 3 incidents and more likely heard of all of them.

Of them the one that sticks out as more likely accurate was that of 13 year old Tyre King. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/sep/20/tyre-king-columbus-ohio-police-shooting

Several witnesses thought it was a real gun and a friend of his said he wanted to rob someone. He and the others got down and then he fled and reached for the BB gun, as even his friend said. http://hotair.com/archives/2016/09/16/tyre-kings-friend-bb-gun-wanted-rob-someone/

I have seen the articles saying kids can’t play with toy guns. When I was in HS we had very real looking water guns and when playing with them and an officer saw them they were confiscated. The toy companies then made the toys not look real to avoid any confusion but a BB gun and someone robbing someone, witnesses and even his friend make this one seem like a good kid made a serious mistake and sadly is not able to learn from it.

Keith Scott is a serious head scratcher. Family who was not at the location said he was reading a book, but how can they say that if they were not there? In light of everything going on, the police reports and the family seeing the video saying there was no real conclusive evidence one way or another. The police chief is holding the video footage to avoid it harming the case, which is odd to me. Then again it is said in one breath that the officer was black and then he was white. That seems odd to me as well. Articles and no evidence makes this seem very unusual.

Terence Crutcher. I have seen the footage several times and have seen the different angles. Officer Shelby having “tunnel vision” not knowing 3 other vehicles showed up and that she had three other cops next to her as she shot seems like a crock to me. Sorry but I can’t see that. However the first time around it seemed like Mr. Crutcher put his hands on top of the vehicle, then it seemed like he did reach into the vehicle but it was quite obvious without the family getting enhanced pics of the car window that it clearly was up as his blood was up a good 3/4ths up on a closed window. That substantiates that he was not reaching into the SUV to get a weapon. His behavior is complex as he clearly raised his hands and it is protocol for an officer to say to get on your knees. That is agreed as normal. The officer feeling he was high does not matter as for all she knew he suffered from a stroke, was partially deaf or otherwise. A person walking in a calm and slow manner does not gel with him being high and certainly not drunk as he would have been all over the place. The call and the audio released had another person jumping to conclusions, much like the person in the helicopter. That’s a bad dude? OK, he did not get down to his knees. Fine. He wasn’t threatening and perhaps he was on something. Perhaps, like many people, he takes a medication for any reason that could have made him somewhat impaired. Xanax and similar medications could have a person being off and certainly not a threat. He could have been in the heat all day and was afraid himself and he had tunnel hearing and was doing his best? We will not know. I hope the toxicology report comes back negative and I am not buying that PCP was found in the vehicle. None of the officers even checked his vitals and went completely out of their way to avoid him. Fine, they did not want to mess up an investigation but they should have checked his vitals instead of dealing with officer Shelby being distraught.

One thing in general that always  happens and history repeats itself, is that even simple protests that are peaceful lead to violence eventually. So, yes a whole lot of jerseys are sold but the cops now have itchier trigger fingers and that is not a good thing. I did not post the protest with protestors trashing and putting on fire various items and attacking a police car. In almost every article a family member comes out and says we want the truth and protest in a peaceful manner. I have seen both pictures of white and black protestors holding up various signs including white silence is violence. Obviously this reaching many people across the country and the world.

I do not like that politicians use these events as leverage as they always do. I sincerely hope that facts come out and justice is done for all involved and that no other travesties occur.

People are complaining about football players but it started before the season with other athletes both white and black in professional sports and The Olympics.

Communities get torn apart and as history showed in prior decades eventually looting happens and many people get hurt and lose businesses. These types of occurrences should not happen. With the exception of young Tyre, these certainly should have been handled differently. In the youngsters instance, even his friend said they robbed someone, he ran away and pulled out the BB gun. As sad as it is, the police had no outs but they were dealing with a 100 pound kid and they certainly could have shot in a different manner that would have disabled him instead of killing him. Police get lots of training and I have friends that are cops and while they get scored for center mass shots in a range they used to be taught how to disable a potential risk. I can understand if someone is shot and continues to be a threat after being shot but this did not happen in any of these cases.

Nothing from Kaepernick’s critics after another unarmed man was shot yesterday