Popping pills and bottles

I must wonder if

I am doing too much

Lost a lot

Lost a lifetime

Many memories

Many moments

Now I am here and doing it

Not sure where I will end up

Not caring



One slice, two slice, three slice, GONE/LOVE STINKS

How many licks or hits to get to the center of?

There are actually articles on both, which is scary

Do we all deserve love, do we all deserve love?

DO we all deserve lust, do we all deserve lust?

Do we all lie about which we want?

Do we try to get over and play them?

DO we simply find ourself played?

Should we try so, try hard and forever give UP?

Do we get back on the horse to get bucked again?

Do we get jaded and are simply waiting?

Just screw with not much feelings, except the

gushy wet kind. Sorry, needed to…

There is no such thing as a heartless badass

The bigger the bigger their heart and alone they

cry the hardest

Those playing do so just as much and more

There is not shame being played or the fool, did

you at least have fun?

Did you get anything back?

If so, move on to the next and if not take notes

Do not be over jaded and guarded but live a bit

freely but also do not BE MEAN!

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com



A vision

Seen in the in between sleep

almost dead not breathing

almost awake jerking up

The repetitive sight is quite

lovely while being scary

likened to an Angel but

likely a temptress 

Normally woken frantically

it picks back up

it lures you back

it makes you crave

it feeds off your thirst

Will you have it again tonight?

yet are you afraid?

yes but you do lie?

you lie to your own self?

your craving eclipses fear?

you need to get off this drug!

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com

Inside out

It seems there is something wrong with me

my insides are outside

There can be many reasons to feel this way

as I can see my inners

Is there any medicine or doctor that can help?

I doubt it

Can I be slowly nursed back to health after this?

most certainly not

All of your lies were just that and pure bullshit…

that’s why I am inside out


***I may call you out on WP***

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com



RIP Carrie Fisher Princess Leia

I’m very sad to hear this news. I know she was a lifelong smoker and was not in good health for about 10 years and her and the cast of The Force Awakens all got personal trainers and trained 2 hours a day for a year to get ready. The next film is all but finished but this is a massive blow for the final film though I am sure they will use stock footage, CGI a double and voice overs for it. Now perhaps and just perhaps Han Solo who wanted out from the first movie should not have been the one to pass and the movie may have to change as we all know a fall does not equal death and even though the planet exploded Maz Kanata could have again been in the right place at the right time and is nursing him as an alternate to what happened in real life.  This is quite sad as I was a kid when New Hope came out. RIP Princess Leia…:(






Carrie Fisher: ‘Star Wars’ Castmates Mark Hamill & More Send Love After Tragic Heart Attack

To just end it…

An old douche friend who never was one

Violence from you and we are done

Trust me I am glad

Yes I’m fucking mad

Next time seeing you, you’re lives are NONE


***Just saying the dark side is unleashed***


2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com





I’m in all types of pain and a horrid week was had. I made errors in judgement after making a smart move away from a monster. Long story. I moved in somewhere to basically silence the notion for a later time. That made me not wish to go where I lay my head and instead made some mistakes.  Only two ppl will see this on fb, you know who you are and one I’ll see tomorrow. Feel free to pm me and I’m seriously injured as I foolishly turned my back on someone and a foot and a half machete intended for my head I saw out of the corner of my eye and a pos who always was went to decapitate me and I deflected with my forearm. It’s a bad gash the second blow for my forehead I caught in between my hands like you see in military flicks or karate and I took it away. Turned my back again and I got hit between my shoulder and back of my head. So it’s late but this hurts like hell and I need sleep but this will keep me up.