Accidental mistake

Highs and lows 

Addition errors

Memory loss

Standing up

Falling down

Heads swimming

Legs buckling

Smashed into a wall

Woke up in a mess

Open wounds and sleepy

Past that and shaking

Legs and torso quiver 

Fell again and I’m out

Thrown down a hole…

It is dark and covered

some 30 feet down

It may have been 1000s

because a snare got me

Too tight to climb out now

Covered in dirt and insects

No way out it seems from this

perilous time

My heart beat does start to


I feel the trembling and the

cold beckoning me to quit

I am about to and can’t believe

I am about to

No memory of things being right

No help coming from anywhere

in sight

I was a cog and now just a mess

to be cleaned afterward…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

If someone is sulking to themselves and nobody knows, are they considered feeling fine?

Whether living alone or with someone that does not

pay attention, they are bad for you

If you are blatantly obvious with your mood, sadness

and more, how can they not see it?

It is like if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it

does it mean there is no sound or that it happened?

Many depressed people give out all the signals and if they

are missed they sometimes die

Why does this happen so often and is likened to the kids’

bullied shoot up a school

People need to not need to have only “tunnel vision” and

realize that someone is off

I went through several issues and one was after a near fatal

car crash and I was left for dead

I was revived twice and had convulsions and was given bad

meds for me and I could not wean off easily

I slept through an entire month and that was at 2 weeks and

it got worse and took a year to get off and this is for all people

going through any issues that may hinder them

I also see this with people that have other illnesses, whether

physical or mental

It is sad that people and even doctors sometimes do tooooooo

much or do little and it causes a fatality

We need people seeing and hearing us and knowing a change is

made and helping, not ignoring!!!

Don’t just see it and be proactive!!!

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Please help me

I am in angst as I am badly judged

I’m losing things

Mostly my brain as it can’t comprehend

these attacks

I need a team, a person an idea but

it must be viable and on point

These issues are seriously hard to

deal with

Pills can’t keep your head straight

and your dreams are haunting

These meds make you a living nightmare

trapped in under belly

Light, smells and visions are not real

to you and will never be again

A spiral staircase that will never

end in either direction

Your climb is a perilous one also

as there are obstacles in the way

Your starting point is absolute 0,

you need moves in progression

This noted, you must be quite careful

as you are in a drug induced coma

Are you or are you not now in one?

this is being in the moment

Sadly for many people we do go off

on people, act nuts and worse


2017 Paul McAleavey

No bias…

I come for you straight up and head on

No way out you’re staying true, NOT GONE!

No racial excuse

No sexual use

You’re called out while wearing a new DON

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


You’ve fallen and you can’t get up…

Well you talked ish to me, I jumped off my bike and grabbed you and asked are you talking to me and you had no heart and did not answer. In light of such when traffic was coming I pulled you out of harms way and on the medium. I lifted you easily and noticed a slight athletic build. I dropped you and picked you up and you could not get up. You said nothing until I pushed you lightly, then you tried to swing and I dropped my head, you called me a punk when you are a kid and you ran across the street and then acted all tough. Boy you got lucky i did not pull you to me and either crushed your larynx, sternum, esophagus, upthrust your nose killing you immediately, Pushed you harder into traffic but I know the that doing so lands me in jail so I pushed lightly. I have to deal with crazy people here high as hell and one like this jaywalking calling me, I had money, tickets and a new Iphone on me and I dumped it. So I again pulled him to me after his fake punch and I dropped my head into him knocking him all but out, earlier I did the same.It is getting annoying as weed is legal here but only in your house and there are a lot of homeless people and crazy fucks looking for a fight to get into what you have. If I am wearing shorts, walking and with nothing to worry about losing I take a heartless punk and I run directly at him and spear his ass as he got brave when there was space after I put him down the first time. So, I am honing quick art fighting skills now….:)

Popping pills and bottles

I must wonder if

I am doing too much

Lost a lot

Lost a lifetime

Many memories

Many moments

Now I am here and doing it

Not sure where I will end up

Not caring