C’est la vie I guess it’s just me

I get myself into Scooby do and the gang issues often

However they have never been at this level

I never trust anyone and it’s been at best try and do what you can for me lately

I’m constantly in a hole and I’ve been using my voice with other tenants and I still do not get anything I ask for. Tons of times but oh my if I fail once? WTF? 

I’m just unable to find stable people here 

Everyone has 1000s of excuses as to what they will share, show and put you on the lease and all of them fail. Now I have a shit kicking pos physically threatening me and he does as he got on the phone and evidently the person suggested getting out or he’d get hurt or worse. He’s never been in shape and while I’m off it for me I’m able to bang out 3-400 push-ups in 45 minutes or less if I tried to push it. 

I can’t believe another pos is doing this to me.

Sadly I may be moving again:(

I hate the unscrupulous people here and they come from everywhere. They all have a story and make you believe them.This guy, from early said he had furniture ordered and bought a microwave. I slept on the floor for weeks and said screw this and got an air mattress. He was cooking 3-5 times a day and went through 4 jobs since I moved here. I am used to working and have been unable to do more than get a band aid of help, but it is a start.

So, I was laid off as I was due an upgrade to full time and they made up an excuse and I have a lawsuit but nobody will take it without paying them because it is a small lawsuit. So, I have asked to be on the lease, shown the gym, leave the mailbox key and other things that this douche does not do. I ask for receipts and he is either not here or too busy to do nothing and is leaving and now last night he pulled most of the small amount of things he had and took things of mine and when I got home I was livid. He gave me crap about me making constant excuses. I have paid him on time for rent and his energy bill. Oddly enough, with me here his bill has gone down per day. So, he got a huge tax refund and did not pay the pay the bill on time as he knew I had just got laid off. I had no choice but to short him 45 bucks and left myself with a dollar and 50 cents approximately for 2 weeks, got sick, was in the ER 3 times in a week and have been hurting.


So this idiot thinks he is giving me a week to get out and that I will abide and not tell anyone at the school that we are both attending. He is in for a serious reality check.

I tried to do good

This person asks for help

cries herself to sleep

She has blown her chance

along time ago

It would take a couple of 

deaths to have that kid

being in NY gets OKd to

get sent across the country

I’ve been asked so many 

times I can’t keep up

So I tried to avert an action

and was vague

But I tried in hopes he had

some involvement in the

situation to HELP!!!

Instead of hey thank you for

trying one person gets yelled

at and I get talked down

and don’t get in my business

The same person rather couple 

that burns stuff often when

sleeping during the day

Yet once I was up late and hungry

and I was on top of what I was doing

added water, bathroom and I dropped

down to pull a movie I burnt out and

poof smoke alarm

I got up 3 seconds or a little more

then he did

So I have my roommate she knows

1 second and tells him that and he 

was pissed, knew she was drunk and

I had to deal with him

So she is the pot calling the kettle

black and the person I spoke to I knew 15 

years and he was there for me at times

with family disregarding me

He is at times bi polar and other things

but he’s alright at times

So I should be able to contact him

A and B convo, C you little child

abandoning  your child ass the hell out!!!

Now if it wasn’t gonna cause my uncle

grief and he’s sick, I’d do more 

I am on the fence though

Sometimes this guy talks to me normal

and other times crazy or worse

3rd day in a row wasting time at doctors offices

I could have started a small job where I’m at school but my appointments were in that timeframe and the boss said come after. It’s 3 hours after and I’m in another waiting room. I have to get this done and skip the plasma place as I may get deferred. Another in a long list of nurses said you’re not deferred just know they’ll evaluate your foot. In other words it can’t be red or swollen. When I left home it wasn’t, I went back home and now have some swelling and my gait put pressure on my Achilles so that’s swollen and I have a spot filled with blood raised over the skin. I can’t get told no again.

From a dr to another, to an ER for records, to a pcp to get a letter for blood work and hopefully I can actually work. I’ve hit a big roadblock

My dr appt was 1130 and I got some baby steps done. Riding back and forth sucks and it’s real humid today. My appt has a line around the block. Then I have an outreach to go to and then head in the direction of class where I am set to work theee and make 2-3 stops prior.

In a good world I get zoomed through this appt, get in and out of the outreach and get some help and possibly get to my pcp and I possibly get to the plasma place and get back on track and start with a couple of hours of work:).

You’ve fallen and you can’t get up…

Well you talked ish to me, I jumped off my bike and grabbed you and asked are you talking to me and you had no heart and did not answer. In light of such when traffic was coming I pulled you out of harms way and on the medium. I lifted you easily and noticed a slight athletic build. I dropped you and picked you up and you could not get up. You said nothing until I pushed you lightly, then you tried to swing and I dropped my head, you called me a punk when you are a kid and you ran across the street and then acted all tough. Boy you got lucky i did not pull you to me and either crushed your larynx, sternum, esophagus, upthrust your nose killing you immediately, Pushed you harder into traffic but I know the that doing so lands me in jail so I pushed lightly. I have to deal with crazy people here high as hell and one like this jaywalking calling me, I had money, tickets and a new Iphone on me and I dumped it. So I again pulled him to me after his fake punch and I dropped my head into him knocking him all but out, earlier I did the same.It is getting annoying as weed is legal here but only in your house and there are a lot of homeless people and crazy fucks looking for a fight to get into what you have. If I am wearing shorts, walking and with nothing to worry about losing I take a heartless punk and I run directly at him and spear his ass as he got brave when there was space after I put him down the first time. So, I am honing quick art fighting skills now….:)