Yay I finally got hit by a car….

It was bound to happen. Here there are actual motor vehicle laws that say if a bike is in the road give up a lane. Most people not only do not do that, they do not stop at signs, while coming out of driveways and jump into main roads causing 100s of weekly crashes.

I have pretty good reflexes even when I feel shitty. This I was all but dead. Tons of other cyclists and pedestrians travel with their down and we all have the right to be on the sidewalk, the bike lane and go with or against traffic.

So, today I am riding with traffic and another cyclist jumped out from a small bush looking down and was wearing headphones, I yelled to no avail and I jumped onto the main road and saw the car coming and he was looking down and I pushed hard and high against my bike and instead of getting run over and having my bike totaled as well as me being killed, I took a nasty hit. Mind you I have been very sad and have spent three days in bed to avoid a lot and that crap happens. Now a cop around when you need one as this guy did not stop.

Most people here pulled over for routine things end up getting arrested, lack of insurance and otherwise and this adds to my list of dumb shit that happens to me while careful that I could have been compensated. Instead my left leg is hurting like hell to go along with my right foot.

If I commit a malicious act is that intentional?

Meaning I am in defense mode

otherwise known as protecting

I may have no other way, what would

you do if stolen from and up against it?

I am trying to ignore said person

But it is difficult for me…


Left for dead

Given no voice

Have had the rug pulled out from under me

Besmirched, dissed, put down and worse

Lost in a manner of seconds

Words wasted as well as time

Work had and lost

Relationships ending all around

Simply not good enough

Seriously feeling anxious and sad

No way to have prepared

It happened so quickly

It happened without cause

It seemed better than it was

A facade dressed up as a present

A curse and not a blessing

An IQ that dropped to nothing

Elevation dropped through the floor

Evanescence throughout my being

Early gains are now massive losses…

Completely lied to again

The people that live or migrate out here are real scumbags, a worthy case suggested by someone who is not. Some people can’t stop lying but pics, videos and live calls make them look like a horse’s ass.

I am all out…

Yes this goes to a song

But I am all out without you

My life was worth living but no more

Yes I put you up extremely high and I

received shadow puppets from you

How can I find you?

Where will you be?

I need it as I am still hopeful


C’est la vie I guess it’s just me

I get myself into Scooby do and the gang issues often

However they have never been at this level

I never trust anyone and it’s been at best try and do what you can for me lately

I’m constantly in a hole and I’ve been using my voice with other tenants and I still do not get anything I ask for. Tons of times but oh my if I fail once? WTF? 

I’m just unable to find stable people hereĀ 

Everyone has 1000s of excuses as to what they will share, show and put you on the lease and all of them fail. Now I have a shit kicking pos physically threatening me and he does as he got on the phone and evidently the person suggested getting out or he’d get hurt or worse. He’s never been in shape and while I’m off it for me I’m able to bang out 3-400 push-ups in 45 minutes or less if I tried to push it. 

I can’t believe another pos is doing this to me.