Rant customer service stupidity

I’ve received 15 different pieces of mail from my wifi company and each set of packages is super different every time. I got is situated last week and told my actual package rate for what I have had as a two year contract. Now I got another completely skewed price and I’ve been on the phone for two hours trying to deal with it. It’s annoying as hell.

What to d what to do?

Ok a rant of sorts but a question answered not just likes or views. If you have what others call a child that you’re told that her rules mean bidding and blowing her off though you were close and she decided to be a turncoat, what do you do? Nod and ignore? Advise her bs is being told that you were told not to follow her rules letslone she doesn’t even talk to me as I work harder than everyone and she’s illiterate. I don’t want to disrespectful her but she crossed the line with me and I have hacked the CCTV and have her saying shit about me.

So what should I say or do?similar note, customer note is omg I can’t stand a curse when exams they hang up. But my job they barely speak English, throw money on their side of the counter and you ask several times and they throw fuck you to you. I should do any of the following, good luck, jump the counter and kick their fucking teeth down their throats or lastly oops I am having issues with my terminal try someone else. Specifically I had an asshole speak next to no English and a bad accent and I faked for how much. Twohunrud, two hybrid seeeventry frive, then trenty 5 while emptying his wallet on his side de and cursed me out. I wanted to fuck this cockstainup as if I say dammit to customer service by phonethey hang up. So responses are appreciated.

I’ve become the smelly kid

Despite all tryouts I’m there and have a boob and a fool talking about me

I’ve been biking, mainly downhill and the little girl I’ve respected turned

So I’m the brunt of jokes and they exaggerate and I work with basically a group of older adults that should be in grade school

Nobody does what I do and that’s work hard, travel hard and get ppl hitting payouts that get us tips

Though the majority are local broke asses that never tip us but give cocktail waitresses 2 a drink and I’m thinking of shaving and applying for their job

Day 4 of lethally high vitals…

If I have not gone through this in the past I would be concerned. IN NY if I was off I would be a hot sweaty mess, not here, all seems well. 4 days at 190 plus over 120 ad my normal at least 1090 hr. I get tests and have no heart issues, just adrenaline and epinephrine and norepinephrine levels and I took the bus to avoid added adrenaline but I was still super high, plus I took two valium and had a drink to relax and this is just annoying now. I have to go to a DR that could find no reason for an incident a week plus ago to get a waiver signed and now the stress is going to automatically make me have higher bp.

Now 3 days in a row:(

I went again after work to donate plasma but when my adrenaline gets going it takes a good 90 minutes for my vitals to come close to normal and I was way over.Mind you I took a valium and two muscle relaxers, sat for 30 minutes and I still was wayyyy too high. Given 15 more minutes I was just as high again yet look fine all the same, SAD.


I have gone from elite to hated

To be looked at favorably to disdain

I am almost at a point of contempt from them

This sucks as I am the real person not talking

behind their backs

As if a knife struck at my spine, I can’t fight back

Out here a person like me in any fight loses and

possibly arrested

I am a monster now and instead of asking I get


I get even the closest telling shit built inside their

micro brain

Things said to people they do not know about a person

they were to dumb when younger to know

Let alone to be bossed around be these types while I am

always here to help

It makes me claw at the walls and could SPLIT in the beast

Then they would get what they paid for from me to THEM..

Kill me or wait for my turn if you press me

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A hypocritical world run by what I’m told is a little girl

A person new to me that I broke in by has gone from friend to foe it seems. Me going from an ally and trusted to being back stabbed possibly but definitely complained about for no reason. I wondered why I had a massive switch in schedule.

But when all higher ups call that young lady a little girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing I still take offense to it. To boot now they are making fun of her in front of me and I’m sure of me in front of her yet she won’t even talk to me.

Oh my I ride a bike to work, have had three ailments with meds coursing through my body and coming out and it makes me unable to do anything about it. Being new things have come to a head the one they all laugh about and call little girl has things she’d love to know but now I’m staying mute despite me working two nights with her. She’s suddenly stopped talking to me rather at me or just a response. Putting it in Danny glovers line, I’m getting too old for this shit.