Tomorrow I’m Bruce Banner

Last time this happened I was locked out

I thought

I was able to get back in but not here

I’m told

I’ll hope to run out in the early morning 

For supplies

Then I’m packed as I’m not leaving

My belongings here to be 

Charged more to get it out

So I’ll be on the road trekking

No money no way I’m out

Plus I’ll be losing my phone

ASAP tooo

So no computer or anything

Just walking the earth

No choices

No options

Not waiting

A day again to be yelled at


Those plotting against…

I thought and thought. It seemed a certainty

but no

Could it be a conspiracy, a Coup D’etat, just

one shooter or more?

Have I dreamt all that has been going awry?,

I mean all this time…

Magnifying glass, handkerchief, powder and

duster to examine it all

Hit rewind to before the fall, was my drink


I can’t remember…When I woke up in another

state with no id, how? No recall.

Too many questions and I have gone through

them all

But those around me are starting to move away

and others smile, laugh and talk…Hmm

Typically those who would do you dirty are those

the closest or easiest inside to you

The losses I have taken, the lies I have been told,

there must be many pawns but….

There certainly is a puppeteer, a general a dark

force behind it all

I am pretty sure but it is hard to go behind the

curtain, there are hazard signs…

Those closed doors, the hallways getting lower

and the clock beats louder

There may be no access if not now there may

never be another chance

Then I thought and pulled back. What did he

say to me? Hmm, the other? One more?

Now I think it is a few and the one behind is

trying to drive me to make the fatal move

As is, I am being forced to live LIKE THIS, in

fear with no answers

Yes, he wants me out and is playing with me:(

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey



Freaks freaks everywhere…

and they all want rent for free. Come on you write

or respond to an ad for a roommate and have exact

guidelines and they get back to you wanting to be a

live in GF

Or in some instances worse. This is a town of serious

losers. I mean professional that at 50 look 70 and they

are broke and broken down. In a quick attempt to wean

them out I say I want your id, your employer’s #, car reg

ins and more. That is enough

I instead get a bunch of back and forth fake bullshit and

I am sick of it. The town is known for fakes, hookers, people

with warrants hiding and free loaders. *SIGH*

Some of them want to use you

Some of those pretend they’re abused

They step up and let it out

No longer wanting to pout is it right?

Our relations are those in time abused

But that is also being put in a bad place

One that acts without prejudice or race

It also steers away from attacking a sex

But now all that is left is a song


Hung by dental flossĀ 

It seems stronger and rougher

on a person

It can cut you quite easily

just it will hurt

No quick snap like in the old


Merely suffering but alas it’s 

better than other pains

I merely have to just pick a day

and time in this fake world 

2017 Copyright Paul

Yay I finally got hit by a car….

It was bound to happen. Here there are actual motor vehicle laws that say if a bike is in the road give up a lane. Most people not only do not do that, they do not stop at signs, while coming out of driveways and jump into main roads causing 100s of weekly crashes.

I have pretty good reflexes even when I feel shitty. This I was all but dead. Tons of other cyclists and pedestrians travel with their down and we all have the right to be on the sidewalk, the bike lane and go with or against traffic.

So, today I am riding with traffic and another cyclist jumped out from a small bush looking down and was wearing headphones, I yelled to no avail and I jumped onto the main road and saw the car coming and he was looking down and I pushed hard and high against my bike and instead of getting run over and having my bike totaled as well as me being killed, I took a nasty hit. Mind you I have been very sad and have spent three days in bed to avoid a lot and that crap happens. Now a cop around when you need one as this guy did not stop.

Most people here pulled over for routine things end up getting arrested, lack of insurance and otherwise and this adds to my list of dumb shit that happens to me while careful that I could have been compensated. Instead my left leg is hurting like hell to go along with my right foot.

If I commit a malicious act is that intentional?

Meaning I am in defense mode

otherwise known as protecting

I may have no other way, what would

you do if stolen from and up against it?

I am trying to ignore said person

But it is difficult for me…