C ome to me and get yours…PERHAPS

O nly then will you’ll know…THIS IS ME

N ot one second before then…MEANING

Q uite the idea isn’t it huh???…THAT I’M

U nder the gun to act, you are…DEFEATED

E asy to just run away from it…..THOROUGH

R eady to make a decision now?…..TO MY CORE

E veryone thinks that they are…….CRUSHED BAD

D oing so ends in a whole lot now…….BROKEN NOW

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Damn Tired

D ays are off for a week

A ny attempt to catch up???

M y body doesn’t work that way

N ow sleeping is a form of nightmare

T errors of it being not enough, I need sleep

I have to be ready fir crazy long days real soon 

R iding the WSOP train will be a very bumpy ride

E very day will flow in to the others and I’ll be lost

D espite this I am looking forward to it and am hopeful


A lo to be offered

M uch appreciated

P retty and not plain

L oads of people noticing

E veryone breaking their neck to look


E verything you have isn’t enough

N eeds for more and more to fill your void

T o think you once HAD values, now you DON’T

I nstilleed in YOU is me me me my my my whah whah

T hese things you left, lost and are paying for them now

L et it be remembered you are not entitled to ANYTHING

E very day you CRY becaue of your mistakes but walk PROUD

D o you realize you are DOING the same things that lost it ALL?


2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


R eal feeling of cleanliness

E very bit of you feels better

F rom head to toe and all between

R eally feel your pores open nicely

E ven feel your body open to scents

S urely there are also that sort of swag

H is or hers way of just feeling oh so nice

E very day should feel this smooth and sweet

D o yourself a favor, give extra time and feel GOOD

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Crying out

C rushed and you feel it

R eally trying to avoid tears

Y et you are easily seen welling

I n this instance eyes are RED now

N ow go let it out and act like a baby

G ot nothing left anymore at the moment

O range suits and a small cell to sleep inside

U ntil your next day where there are more charges

T hen you will owe more and more people you asshole

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Fallen off

F requent bumps in the road

A ll cause me to lose my place

L ots of obstacles I normally clear

L oads are harder on me at the time

E ven though I was ready and prepared

N ow I am off the path I am behind

O nly failing is my current place

F or I try to get up and can’t

F ree myself from the mess

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey