Are you a hoarder?

A question where if you are nobody

tried to point it out to you

You realize in part, yet you keep

buying more crap that you have

Your place is a mess and that is OK

to you

Being a hoarder is a sickness as you

have items and keep getting more

Below is an example…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey



You left me all alone

Your I love you lies

Yet I can’t say goodbye

Why am I worthless?

Why am I merely a toy?

When do I get to fly?

The meteor crashed on me

The Tsunami  hit harder

The 5.0 earthquake too…

But all I can do is think about YOU

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


Once upon a time not long ago…

I was minding my business and life flowed slow

then there was a tremor

Seemingly a plot against me and I said oh hell

the eff no

I am not taking the fall for anyone, anywhere

or about anything

For this does the donging of the bell ring  true,


Or are they a collective set of Illuminati  that

plots your demise?

They come to you positive, caring, loving but

want you to fail, a SURPRISE?

Forget that noise, I am too old for that ish and

don’t want to participate in their game

They make bad bad decisions, causing themselves

to go blind while I know they’re lame

I don’t wish to be called on when NEEDED ONLY

as is their norm

Keep it off of me when I tried to help, you got

pissed and are in a storm

I’m improving daily and I never left, just took a  damn


While you stay in the same hot mess as it is easier to you

instead of making the needed changes

You are a STEPFORD, yea you don’t know the meaning

but handle your business FINALLY, no more

lazy shit staying in that co-dependent relationship

Grow up, have a REAL plan and take care of your

business that you have out for years

Make it your own personal punching bag and

knock it out as I am never helping AGAIN…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


Looking forward to WWE Fastlane

Being I went to the Vegas Raw show expecting Bayley to win a championship, she did and I met her before as well as Charlotte. They are close friends. I also got to meet Goldberg and I had met him prior and found out his injuries are about a third of mine but he’s winning the title tonight. Bayley retains. I met Lana and Rusev and Kevin Owens and they are all real nice.

I knew in advance that John Cena and Nikki Bella are going to fight Maryse and The Miz at Wrestlemania and Roman Reigns will face The Undertaker where either tonight or tomorrow will have the two of them have a miscue. As it is expected that Taker will be ringside for that fight. The tag team would be interesting if Enzo and Cass win. So, I am merely chilling, watching this and some sports in the background.:)

A day without a fight :)

Damn I was hoping for one today but it didn’t happen and I was actively looking for one, lmao. Another confusing night of school and like everything, I turn weaknesses into strengths and will learn everything that was confusing. Plus as a bonus I blew out my tris and peks last night with stim and did 300 push ups:)>

Colors in a word or five

Some see them one way

Some say they smell

Some are wrong

Eyes bad and can’t tell

Red, blue, fuchsia and purple

Black, brown and white

Some colors are tight

What do you look at?

What do you see?

Can you tell?








2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Have to speed up everything

That is riding, training, gambling and not over thinking and added is dealing with these crazy people looking to fight and have nothing to lose. For the latter you have a 30-90 second window to avoid cops and punks here talk from afar but at head to dead no matter the size they leave and talk crap. So I need to increase my exercise, weights, running and fighting drills to end a fun challenge super fast. It’s part of the process. 🙂