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Hullo, Dear Reader. Guess what? I got talked into being the second interviewee for my brand new, ongoing feature,Comfy Confabs. The interviewer being the interviewed?! How on Cthulhu’s sweet, barren earth did that happen? Well, I’ll tell you how… It’s all the fault of one Candice Daquin, and if you don’t know who she is then you really need to edjumacate yourselfatThe Feathered Sleep. Okay, go. Go now! Go and have your eyes opened and your mind exploded. I’m serious! I’ll be here when you get back.

Right, got all that? Good. So, anyways, I approached Candice to be the focus of this second interview, but instead of a yes I got an offer to be interviewed by her instead. “You’ll be more interesting!” she said. “But I’m a career hack!” I protested.She was having none of it, soI folded rather moreeasily than…

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The life rafts are out, the rats have gone too

I am here and I just think back to…

I came here as a tourist and did see the townies

and thought it was bad

I did not know the half of it. At least I am not

an addict and for a few days have a bed

Then I will SINK. I expect and should not

expect anything as there has already has been too

much he said she said crap

This is on me and I can’t find a way to do a thing

I have been in the wrong place at the wrong time

too damn often and have made errors, just LOST

and got screwed and that is why this place is gonna

get nuked

It is a damn wasteland and even the rich bosses are

on the take, fake taxes and more

I take a bath and find myself even worse than a year


Malchaneux avec Colocataires

I have had hard times, bad luck, been told one thing

to have another happen and more. Oh go here and try

this or that since i was let go. Move in with this and that

one. Now the person I live with was tested and he failed.

I had a screw up, he moved in and I did not want to leave

my money in the house based on who he lived with prior.

It was a mistake that was worse than leaving it. I was ahead

and could have paid two phone bills and have rent for an

added week and was working. Then he is a trust fund person,

broke all the time and I buy food but back to my money. I went

to donate plasma and it was taken. Poof gone. Then my ex boss

paid me less than I was supposed to get and let me go before

getting an added 6 hours. This made me hella short on rent. I

could do nothing. Turns out my roommate tells me bc my uncle

happens to have a name you would not expect to have more than

one in a building and there are three is crazy as my roomy is ex

dea and was told he is a dealer while he knows it is the other but

the rumor is there. My roomy was supposed to bail me out but he

instead gave me excuses and excuses and I bought food and said

it was towards rent when I was short and with fees it is crazy now

but there is no reason for him not to help after he cleaned my food

out and now plans to get a room knowing I am out on my ass in a

week as I lost my small job and I am constantly not sleeping for the

first time since I moved here. I have also heard very disturbing things

and now I am assed out and past trust. So, I have a few days and he

will get a place and I will be evicted and not allowed here and be the

one on the floor if he even allows me. Mind you he was seen trying to

steal and because of his prior living situation I put myself in a dumb

mess, lost money without even having a chance to deserve losing it

and then lost work and was short and had no chance or help. Now he

has given me the run around and he plans to go to CA today and not

help and if he does, big if, I will not be allowed on the grounds. So I am

assed out…Time to move again to nowhere this time and the chicks

here that are dumpy and flirt with you and hate on others actually

fuck them and then ask for your help. This place is bonkers…

Hopefully an OD will happen…Un fucking believable.

Wwe Backlash tonight

It’s really not much Backlash but that’s the name. It’s a weak smackdiwn event that has the top match with Randy “the viper” Ortiz fighting Jinder Mahal. It is a matter of time before he is suspended for violating WWE rules for their supplement violations as he’s suddenly gotten real big. The only thing about this is he has lackeys and stole Randy’s belt recently but it’s a shit match.

The six woman tag will be a joke probably ending with Charlotte Flair winning or being beaten as it’s a set up for a title run. 

Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin is a Davenport vs Goliath but Sami is always a scrapper and this fight can be a disappointment as Sami should lose but his string ring skills will be enough to put a weak Baron Corbin over for a future title run. 

Former Wyatt family members Luke Harper and Erick Rowan should have a good match with high flying from two big guys.

Dolph Ziggler vs the over hyped Shinsuke Nakamura will just be a former war of words from Dolph and the unusual style of Nakamura being enough for the win.

US Chaml and heel, Jevin Owens faves the Phenomenal AJ Styles that since becoming a baby face for no reason as his merch sells should be fun even though Styles has been jobbing.

To view it simply type watch WWE Backlash online for free and the links are there and always two work.

Crying in bed

Memories of us and all that was good

brings me to tears

My melancholy feelings get the best

of me

An empty bed, a hollow heart as there

has been much loss

While I at least cherished the time where

you chose me…

The times and final one when you didn’t 

have left cardial scars

Strokes, seizures, gun shots, grenades and

more would hurt less

Loss of being, staying in bed and unable 

to even wash the covers

Your scent and hair still being their fills

my nostrils and a quick fix

I was always hooked on you and it was

forever like

Without is like going through DTs from


Questioning self worth is a daily challenge

that I always lose

I’m destroying the place while left here

crying in bed…
2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Six word story number 4 part 77

“Strive to always be moving forward”

Squat Challenge Day 21

Today is hard abs to cardio and then squats and other leg work. If you can get outside please do so. Start with side plank holds for 45 seconds on each and keep your body parallel to the ground. Next will be mountain climbers. The positions is like a push up or plank hold and stay low and run like you’re climbing a hill without letting your back dip or arch for 20-30 reps on each leg. Then side leg lifts. Hold on to something and face the wall or preferably a fence and one leg at a time lift your leg as high as you can without using momentum and do 15 reps on each side. Then sumo squats. Have your feet as wide as possible and keep your back slightly arched and drop below parallel without dipping forward and do 30-40 reps. This is back to back with just a minute in between. Do 4 sets. This will suck! Next are crunches to the left, then right and finish in the middle, 15,15 and then 30. Now jumping jacks of running in place with high knees. Do it for a minute. Finish holding dumb bells or any other weight you have and rep out, each set will obviously drop if you do it right. Take 90 seconds in between and do 4 sets and you are done!