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Becoming Unstuck

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in a heated fight

they sling sweat across the stage

viewers slurp it up

©2017 Becoming Unstuck,

Written for Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge: heat & sweat

Photo Credits:   “Asashoryu fight Jan08” by Eckhard Pecher / CC-BY-3.0

“Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump – Caricatures” by DonkeyHotey / CC BY-SA 2.0

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A happy heart


I cannot be sad for too long
Fate simply cannot keep me down
My heart always comes up with a song
I wear optimism like a crown.

Life is but a short lived boon
Hardships have made me plucky
I forgive and forget too soon
I call myself happy go lucky.

My cheerfulness sometimes puts people off
They ask me, “why do you laugh and smile so much”
My light-heartedness makes them scoff
Sorrow is there, it will always touch.

But I feel fortunate and blessed
When I look around and see so much unrest.

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Day 25 #Loveuary ❤ – Chocolate

But I Smile Anyway...


Mmmm, Chocolate! I LOVE chocolate.

No seriously, I am not exaggerating. I really do LOVE chocolate. One day many years ago, I had a food sensitivity testing done, as I was getting itchy all the time, and one of the foodstuffs that came up for me to avoid was, Shock, Horror! Chocolate!

I decided then and there that a life of itching was preferable to an existence without the cocoa gold! Existence, that is exactly what it would be…not living life if I had to give up chocolate!

I can happily eat pretty much all chocolate. Plain, Milk, White, flavoured, chocolate coated anything (almost!) but my absolute favourite… Malteasers!


And so, an ode to Malteasers just had to be written!

Oh glorious globes of pleasure
Bringing joy I just can’t measure
I love how you taste
Never eat you in haste
Each nibble of you do I treasure!

Ritu 2017

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Trapped in a box 

I can’t climb out of

I can’t find a way

Most was losing what was left

Many just try but I already did 

Now it’s just losing for just that sake 

To a woommate?

Why are you doing what you are doing? Why are you running from family?

Writing has seemed to end