This is his sister speaking on his behalf. On May 29th at 11:24am, Paul passed away. At this point his cause of death is still undetermined however, he did have a number of health problems which explains his recent bizarre behaviors, especially toward his family whom have done nothing but try to help him in every way possible. Paul wasn’t a bad person, he was just lost in life and couldn’t help himself and its just sad. He was only 47 and had a lot to live for but just couldn’t dig himself out of this hole he was in. Since our mom passed in 2003 is when we noticed a change in him. It was like a piece of him died with her and he lost his will to live. Over the years his family and friends did everything in our power to help him, but lets face it, you cant help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. Up until his passing, he worked hard to go to school and learn a new trade here in Las Vegas. He learned how to deal poker and landed a job dealing the world series of poker. This job would’ve been good for him and would’ve taken him places and things would’ve started to get better for him. He was excited and nervous to start this job and kept trying to leave the hospital to go to his WSOP orientation. He passed the next day.

To all my brother Paul’s followers, I say this: Paul wasn’t a bad person, he had a good heart however, he has lied to many and publicly slandered friends and close family members out of spite. There comes a point in life where people have to draw a the line in the sand and say enough is enough, which resulted in Paul’s twisted anger toward those who helped him. I am not going to discuss our family history with Paul because we believe in or privacy. I just wanted his followers to know what was actually going on in his real life and not this fantasy land he has created and that he was loved and supported over the years. For some people, I guess that’s just not enough!