Wwe Backlash tonight

It’s really not much Backlash but that’s the name. It’s a weak smackdiwn event that has the top match with Randy “the viper” Ortiz fighting Jinder Mahal. It is a matter of time before he is suspended for violating WWE rules for their supplement violations as he’s suddenly gotten real big. The only thing about this is he has lackeys and stole Randy’s belt recently but it’s a shit match.

The six woman tag will be a joke probably ending with Charlotte Flair winning or being beaten as it’s a set up for a title run. 

Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin is a Davenport vs Goliath but Sami is always a scrapper and this fight can be a disappointment as Sami should lose but his string ring skills will be enough to put a weak Baron Corbin over for a future title run. 

Former Wyatt family members Luke Harper and Erick Rowan should have a good match with high flying from two big guys.

Dolph Ziggler vs the over hyped Shinsuke Nakamura will just be a former war of words from Dolph and the unusual style of Nakamura being enough for the win.

US Chaml and heel, Jevin Owens faves the Phenomenal AJ Styles that since becoming a baby face for no reason as his merch sells should be fun even though Styles has been jobbing.

To view it simply type watch WWE Backlash online for free and the links are there and always two work.


4 thoughts on “Wwe Backlash tonight

  1. Randy Orton will lose because he’s a part timer at this point.
    Why are there only 6 women in total on Smackdown? What a joke.
    All I’ve ever seen from Nakamura is him doing a bad dance to a really good entrance theme. But there’s no way he’s losing
    I love Kevin Owens. And Styles is only good when he’s a heel.

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    • I also hate AJ as a face and Randy should not lose to someone who is in violation of the wellness program, if he does he will be stripped. Jinder is a mid carder and at least Randy is not Brock showing up 7 times a year. He is more than part time but the SD demotion was a slap in the face before they realize for the fifth time that the split is a joke. The Six woman is quite sad…


      • Randy Orton will lose because there would be no point in having Mahal ascend like this for no reason. But if they know he’s drugged up, you’ll see him lose. But Orton has been part time for years now.
        Brock gets paid about 1 million dollars an appearance if he appears 7 times. Wow. But he’s the best wrestler I’ve seen after Kurt Angle


      • Sadly they haven’t announced that Jinder has two violation strikes and are using him to get the individual an audience which is a small viewership. You have to take that Vince was a billionaire before he lost half in the WWE network in three months and he’s doing anything to get by without ripples. Hell AJ has been jobbing worse than Cena when he was 3 months from being allowed to wrestle and AJ is now losing to anyone, oddly, like Cena. I have 12 years in my shoulders and am past surgery and I’m after four months back to full rom and strength and I’m older and my numbers are about the same while lighter. Jinder wouldn’t surprise me to win and then lose by vacating due to wellness violations


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