Squat Challenge Day 21

Today is hard abs to cardio and then squats and other leg work. If you can get outside please do so. Start with side plank holds for 45 seconds on each and keep your body parallel to the ground. Next will be mountain climbers. The positions is like a push up or plank hold and stay low and run like you’re climbing a hill without letting your back dip or arch for 20-30 reps on each leg. Then side leg lifts. Hold on to something and face the wall or preferably a fence and one leg at a time lift your leg as high as you can without using momentum and do 15 reps on each side. Then sumo squats. Have your feet as wide as possible and keep your back slightly arched and drop below parallel without dipping forward and do 30-40 reps. This is back to back with just a minute in between. Do 4 sets. This will suck! Next are crunches to the left, then right and finish in the middle, 15,15 and then 30. Now jumping jacks of running in place with high knees. Do it for a minute. Finish holding dumb bells or any other weight you have and rep out, each set will obviously drop if you do it right. Take 90 seconds in between and do 4 sets and you are done!


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