Preakness DAY!!!

It is going to be a wet track and this years’ crop has been pretty weak. I think the favorite can win but this is an ordinary horse and facing lightly raced longshots and the mud can be a game changer. I would play what was normally a .20 cent pick 5 and now it is a .50 cent one and while the favorite is 4-5 and that is too short I would play up to 4 in that race and it would suck if he wins as it would mean that it would end up weak but with soggy turf races in the pick five and a sprint with live longshots it can still be a good bet. I would consider using 1-2 horses 3 times, 3 horses and 4 and the max of that is a 60 dollar bet and if there are two ten dollar horses it will easily get you even and if you get two 20 dollar horses and beat the favorite in The Preakness which is race 13, Always Dreaming and his entry mate in a prior race, race 11 in Hedge fund it could easily be a 4 figure payout for .50 cents and an investment but could be all faves and take a loss. I also would not be surprised if they both were out of the gimmicks altogether. It is a wait and see how the track plays in earlier races.


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