Comparing, Belittling and Competing


I have always thought that being a little competitive is always good for myself. However, it is a thin line between healthy comparison and belittling yourself. There is a saying in Chinese, 长他人志气 灭自己威风, meaning: lauding the spirit of your competitor and belittle that of your own. I always believe the biggest enemy is oneself but that doesn’t mean I don’t compare myself with others, even subconsciously.

When I was working my way up in my career ladder, I compared myself with peers around my age group and education level. Whether I am on par or do I exceed the average. It’s like having an invisible bar to cross in order to feel accomplished. In my own time and methods, I manage to relinquished such thoughts and kept it from affecting my performance. You see, such thoughts can be detrimental. If I surpass the invisible bar, I will feel…

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