I’m coming back HOME for you

You treated me like shit our whole lives

You don’t know me

Don’t know how bad I was treated

Nor my accomplishments

You live in your own omnipotent world

Named after a PLASTIC thing

You act like one TOO

Too smart to realize how dumb YOU are

You will always be worthless NOW

I tried to help you

You picked the wrong one

You were taught better and are a monster

You forced my hand after treating me like

an indentured servant


Remember saying that to me? Boo it comes back

to YOU

I’ll play you hard

You hurt me and stole

Your blissful life

Those pains that are 1% of mine, those

kids and that WALRUS

I will be back to get what is mine

I will make you all listen

You will be a captive audience

You will hear the phone, then BOOM

It is on and you are GONE

No not dead, that is too easy

Walk a half mile in my shoes

Bitch slap that fat fuck

Snap at those whiny ones

Rescue the one that needed it, I’m too

late for that…

But you,YES you two will learn humility

and that fakeness you can shove up your

collective asses…

I will cause a lot of strife and damage you POS


2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com




Memories I don’t want to lose

Remembering all things, good and bad

all a blur

Sometimes a side effect of mind altering


Is it real?, Is it Memorex?, Is it just that I

am insane?

I do not care as I am not me without these


Many are like heavy nightmares i can’t

wake up from

Some I do wake from to find a place I

don’t recognize

At times these are so surreal that I’d

see butterflies fly without wings

I could envision Unicorns that have

their horn sideways

Feelings that I am being operated on

and I die and SEE it as I float away

Do I see myself injuring myself on bad

days and making DEEP CUTS?

Those from the sharpest blades, from

strongest medications

Lucid awareness or lack thereof that

hails me from the hell I am in

I am not allowed to leave but I am

not wanted to stay

Purgatory as I am in constant wait

for you, for me to be me and more

I am a reckless emotion!


2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com



Let Go in a word or five

Feeling cheap

Easy to discard

Without any worth

All of that time!!!

All of those bullshit PROMISES

Left here and speechless

Felt like running

Fast and long

Just leave

Just BYE

Far Far








2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com

Six word story number 4 part 74

“The wind here has been BRUTAL:(:(:(“

Squat Challenge Day 18

Today is a mix. Start off with as many proper push ups as possible, then bicycle crunches and do 20 reps and finish with body weight squats and do 30 reps and take no time in between. Do 3 sets. Next are plank holds, db presses or wide fly presses and then half of your body weight either on your back or held with dumb bells. Do 3 sets of all back to back and do 12-20 reps. Last is a one set max. Bench press, sit ups and then full body weight squats…