The Mace


Kurukshetra war was raging… An epic battle broke out between king Shruthayuddha and Arjuna… Shruthayuddha screamed:  I have given word to Duryodhana that I will kill you today and win the war for him.  Krishna maneuvered the chariot so well that Shruthayuddha couldn’t find the target and it frustrated him.  Shruthayuddha thought:  I cannot slay Arjuna as long as Krishna is driving the chariot.  He began to aim at Krishna, breaking the rule of war.  Arjuna countered his weapons.  A few arrows hit Krishna.  Shruthayuddha began to use celestial weapons at Krishna and Arjuna employed the counter measures.  An angry Shruthayuddha took a glowing mace.

Krishna told Arjuna:  Don’t counter that weapon, let it hit me.  A shocked Arjuna told:  Why !. I cannot do that.  Krishna told:  Trust me and do as I say. 

Shruthayuddha hurled the mace and it roared towards Krishna like a meteor … Suddenly, it…

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