The Mace


Kurukshetra war was raging… An epic battle broke out between king Shruthayuddha and Arjuna… Shruthayuddha screamed:  I have given word to Duryodhana that I will kill you today and win the war for him.  Krishna maneuvered the chariot so well that Shruthayuddha couldn’t find the target and it frustrated him.  Shruthayuddha thought:  I cannot slay Arjuna as long as Krishna is driving the chariot.  He began to aim at Krishna, breaking the rule of war.  Arjuna countered his weapons.  A few arrows hit Krishna.  Shruthayuddha began to use celestial weapons at Krishna and Arjuna employed the counter measures.  An angry Shruthayuddha took a glowing mace.

Krishna told Arjuna:  Don’t counter that weapon, let it hit me.  A shocked Arjuna told:  Why !. I cannot do that.  Krishna told:  Trust me and do as I say. 

Shruthayuddha hurled the mace and it roared towards Krishna like a meteor … Suddenly, it…

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Kalemin İzi



Durmak istemiyorum artık. Biliyorum ki durursam içimdeki acı yeniden alevlenicek.Beni darmadağın edip ordan oraya sürükleyecek. Teselliyi belki kelimelerde, belki satır aralarında bulmaya uğraşıyorum. Yüreğim duygularıma hükmediyor,aklım kalemime.Aklım vazgeç diyor kalbim olmaz diyor.Aklım mantıklı ol acı çekeceksin en derin hücrelerinde bile hisseseceksin diyor,kalbim olsun ondan gelene razıyım diyor.Akılla kalbin çatışması bu.Her zaman kalbin galip geldiği ama aklın haklı olduğu. Sonuç mu akıl deliye döner kalp artık hayata küsmüştür…


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Damn Tired

D ays are off for a week

A ny attempt to catch up???

M y body doesn’t work that way

N ow sleeping is a form of nightmare

T errors of it being not enough, I need sleep

I have to be ready fir crazy long days real soon 

R iding the WSOP train will be a very bumpy ride

E very day will flow in to the others and I’ll be lost

D espite this I am looking forward to it and am hopeful

Six word story number 4 part 73

“My calfs are seizing up again:(“

Squat Challenge Day 17

Today is cardio then legs!!!Run what is considered intervals for you. Do any distance, do 4 at 75% and take 6-8 minutes in between. Then bleachers for 15 minutes, run up walk down. 1 set. Then squat hops, 1 set of as many as you can. Then lunge walks at a 40 count for 1 set. Then a wall sit at parallel until you drop! This is a good one no CHEATING!!!