Dealing my first Texas Hold-Em Event Tonight

It’s on the strip and I am looking forward to it. I have another Friday and before I start The WSOP I have studying, brushing up, playing school tourneys and reading a manual a good 10 times at least. Plus my normal work at home for this:)

Late gig tonight

Short but late and I’ll have to ride home fast downhill with real bad drivers. I’ll be against it.

Six word story number 4 part 72

“Today is starting off real shitty:)”

Squat Challenge Day 16

Today is heavy day and only squats. Do a warm up of 12-15. Next add 20 percent and do 8-12, take 2 minutes between all sets. Add 20 percent and so forth and keep going up for 6 total sets and then go to your warm up set and go as low as possible and quickly rep out until exhaustion.