Buzz here, buzz there


don’t care

Feeling faint at your


Your look knocked me

off of my feet

Can’t tell if I am up or


Can’t tell if I am upright

or horizontal

Melancholy feelings in

full bloom

Death seems close and

real soon…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com


Gigantic Thought Bubble

I see you everywhere, you’ve trapped me in your spell.

Your scent is all I smell, lingering through the air.

I like the sound of your voice, it’s all I want to hear— your words, so sincere.

The taste of your lips still I crave the one you left on our last kiss.

Softness of your touch makes me shiver— skin to skin I remember, surely I will miss.

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The smallest things…

A sunny day

A window to look out of

A frolic in the park

Seeing any movie

Eating out anywhere

Making a meal and a mess

Playing with a puppy

All things enhanced by you

All things dulled without…

Where did you go?

You remember our place

Let’s say be there at 8?

Don’t worry if you are late

Just to see you would be seal OUR FATE…

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com



Six word story number 4 part 71

“Woke up wayyyy TOO Damn EARLY!!!”

Squat Challenge Day 14

Today is light but hard. If you have a barbell or a set of dumb bells go outside and get to work. With either do walking up and down bleachers in sets that your heart is pounding, that is the zone. Take 5 minutes and do 3 sets. Next are walking lunges with any weight and the right spot is your knee just above the ground. Do three sets with 3 minutes rest. Finish up with 1 set of 50 meter knee lift and butt kick drills.


Do not do these in place but with small strides