Wow I just watched the most beautiful movie GIFTED

This movie has Chris Evans as a gifted man who is a slacker and his mother is a British mathematician who is also a genius and her daughter was also a prodigy who happened to kill herself. The daughter , Evelyn, Lindsay Duncan is beyond her mother and her grandmother finally finds that her grandmother decides her son is a slacker and needs to take her grand daughter away and put her in a gifted school. This touches me as it is about Autism and the kids who are not bullied and the Uncle was a great man who gave up and he did what his sister wanted and not to be a pet project and being her mother killed herself, he has hidden her at first grade that, like him and his sister was far away from a first grade level and a lawsuit comes and he fights his mother all the way. I see a lot of my NIECE in this movie and my sister does not even know the reasons and i, like the Uncle have found myself holding myself back as my sister holds her daughter back and i would not be surprised if the daughter gets some early nods for awards…


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