This year may be the first year in about 5 that the youngsters may start their journey to one day fill TREMENDOUS SHOES

Will we see strife, struggle, respect versus enemies and people brought closer because of it AGAIN? I sure hope so!!!









R eal feeling of cleanliness

E very bit of you feels better

F rom head to toe and all between

R eally feel your pores open nicely

E ven feel your body open to scents

S urely there are also that sort of swag

H is or hers way of just feeling oh so nice

E very day should feel this smooth and sweet

D o yourself a favor, give extra time and feel GOOD

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Six word story number 4 part 67

“Hoping for a windless day today”

Squat Challenge Day 10

OK today you should be sore and if you go to a gym or outside you can simulate this workout either way. If you are saying at home do stairs instead of running. We start with running for 40 seconds, then butt kick drills, look them and knee lift drills as I am behind and sadly do not have the time to upload them. Do 40 seconds of each back to back to back. Then do weighted lunge walks with sets of 12. Take 60 seconds in between and do 4 sets. Then do weighted wall sits, plank holds until you drop and take a minute in between and do 3 sets and you are done.