Squat Challenge Day 9

OK, today you need to go to the gym. Start off with squats with your bodyweight on your back. Do 3 sets of 8-12 with 3 minutes rest in between. Next up will be leg presses. Most women go wayyyy toooo light on these. You should be able to do twice your bodyweight once you get used and three times in no time. Do not belideve that you will become a bodybuilder if you lift heavy, you must consume a massive amount of calories and take a lot of supplements or be a genetic freak. I have dated women that were 5 foot 3 to 5 foot 6 and between 110-135 and they benched their weight, did clean squats with almost 300 pounds and did a leg press of around 6-800. So do not be worried. Do 4 sets of 4-12 with what feels heavy and use the safety bar. Last will be the smith machine. This will be guided squats and you can set a safety here as well. The motion is super smooth unless you are in a really old gym. The bar is normally 10 or 15 pounds as opposed to the 45 pound bar on the regular rack unless you used the smaller bars. Anyhoo, you should be able to do a total that is more than did on the free weight squats and I suggest doing 5 sets. One light, two heavier with decreased reps and then come down and do more reps until you are repped out. Take 90 seconds in between and you are done for today.


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