Squat Challenge Day 7

Today is pain day. Start with a wall sit until you drop. Take three minutes and then do deep and high squat hops. As many as possible. One set. Then one legged squats, simply hold a leg up any way that you like. Do 10-25 on each leg. Do four sets and take 2 minutes in between. Last are as deep as possible sumo squats with a reach. That means feet are wide and reach your arms over head at the top of the movement to engage your abs. Do 15-30 reps with two sets with 90 seconds in between.


2 thoughts on “Squat Challenge Day 7

  1. yassy says:

    I been doing Pilates , only


    • Pilates is basically wallsits and plankholds with some added movements. It’s a gateway type of training and needs added exercises to it. It’s like some ppl that lift a zillion reps and 2 pound weights. They start to ed and then they get loose. So train for strength also

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