Crying out

C rushed and you feel it

R eally trying to avoid tears

Y et you are easily seen welling

I n this instance eyes are RED now

N ow go let it out and act like a baby

G ot nothing left anymore at the moment

O range suits and a small cell to sleep inside

U ntil your next day where there are more charges

T hen you will owe more and more people you asshole

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey

Ex roommate likes dropping the SOAP

He is a hiding bisexual that used his rubber ducky for stimulation while bathing at 4 AM while singing Popeye the sailor man. He has no allies and will be in Jail for 5 weeks now. I am pressing charges on a civil level and caused his other victims to file and the on e that had is already attached to avoid him getting bail. What a nice day!

My roommate from hell is gonna get his

He attacked others that couldn’t find fur back and took over people’s head nes and stole clothes, bikes and more all the while painting himself as the good guy. Plus yes a flamer.

 He gets his first court date since putting something in the ER after attacking him and he’s coming into another assault and robbery charge against someone else and I’m gonna file a charge as well. 

 He owes me three weeks as he failed to pay rent. He has several orders of protection and included are his prior roommate that with couple with the current charge and I’ll pile on as this will go on. He has a dishonorable discharge and threats to ppl willing to fight in a way that will cause potential threats against the school that has an order of protection.

He will be out this afternoon most likely and when he comes knocking at the school he’s getting his ass kicked and will wake up in the ER handcuffed to his bed. He’s done!!!

Six word story number 4 part 63

“It’s starting to get hot HERE!”