Squat Challenge Day 4

Simple yet hard day. Start with a 24 step lungewalk on either an uphill or flat surface and then accelerate a run from 0-100 meters. Walk back and take an extra 50 meters and stretch in between while taking 90 seconds rest. . Repeat this a total of 4 times and each run should be faster.  This should be hard especially if it is warm where you choose to train. For runners do the runs at 400 meters with 50 step lungewalks. After run an all out mile. For novices take 3 minutes and run an all out 400 meters for time.

Hey you with all the money problems….

You were given two back to back jobs. Now THERE IS A THIRD TOMORROW THAT IS AN IMMEDIATE HIRE. Contact your uncle.

Trying to drive up resistance

I have little time to get pain and heat resistance up as i will not be able to have excuses. So I have a month to achieve this while also driving up both my heart rate and blood pressure and be able to function!