The Kentucky Derby is this weekend as is The Filly Version, The Oaks on Friday

The Filly version has a solid favorite but it is no cakewalk as the best Filly in the country has been injured. The favorite is Paradise Woods, there are a couple of live longshots in Vexatious and Lockdown. As far as The Derby I like who I have liked all year, Irish War Cry and Gunnevera. The maiden who broke his winless streak in a stake, Irap does have a bit of a shot. There may be some late changes and there is the possibility of rain. Plus the defections has The UAE Derby coming and they normally round out he Superfecta.

Squat Challenge Day 3

Today will be all bodyweight squats. Starting with narrow squats. Then Split squats (lunges) These are back to back and start with 30 and then 15 on each side. No rest. Then three more sets and each set of lunges has the starting leg change and all reps are done on each side. Next are Sumo squats below parallel and do 20 reps. Next are oblique squats and rotate and do a total of 20 reps. Finally are regular squats and being the last exercise rep out. In between sets take 90 seconds.


30-day-squat-challenge-narrow squat.gif


30-day-squat lunge.gif


30-day-squat sumo.gif



A light workout

With all of my distractions I have not been doing what i should and by now even when not training I would have gotten sun. So today, the first time since early February, I did. It was not much but I had a lot on my plate and needed to clear my head. So, I killed two birds with one stone:).

Squat Challenge Day 2

Today starts with squat thrusts, 10-20 reps, calf raises and do 30 reps. 1 minute and repeat. Next are lunge walks at 12 reps and then a 50 meter sprint. A minute in between and one set of 5o crunches and you are all done!