I decided to do away with my last Challenge. This is THE NEW ONE. A Squat Challenge DAY 1!!!

It will be daily for 30 days. It will have at least one type of squat or other leg exercise in it and yes cardio. PAIN, push past it. Sore as hell, PUSH PAST IT. Limping, PLOW THROUGH IT! There will be easy and hard days. Sometimes as it goes on it will be as many as three hard days in a row to go with one easy day and remember to stretch in between sets and days…

Body weight squats. Be prepared to either put weight on your back, hold dumb bells and/or do squat presses and various types of lunges. Today is wall sit until you drop, right into squat hops until you can’t and then regular squats until you have to stop. Follow it with a set of all out push ups and a plank hold until you drop and finish with a set of all out below parallel squat hops… Quick and not painless…


30-day-squat squat hops.gif





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