Those wanting Wladimir Klitschko to retire

They must not have seen the fight. Yes I know he lost two in a row, whoop de doo. One was to someone juiced to the gills and the other to a kid with an awesome record who was favored by everyone to win easily. His critics said he can’t deal with late rounds because he never had to and he could not come back from a knockdown.

Well both happened. Joshua dominated early, knocked down Klitschko and Klitschko came right back and knocked Joshua down and going into the final round it was all tied. So Klitschko took a beating and came roaring back and Joshua got knocked down and came back and had two knockdowns in the eleventh to end the fight.

This was not a fight where a fighter was too slow, out of shape or outclassed. This was one of the best fights in the last 17 years and suggesting Klitschko has nothing to prove, he humiliated himself and otherwise is utter nonsense. He fought above what others expected. He was supposed to be too slow, not strong enough and not supposed to comeback from an early deficit. He did so and should be looking for a rematch. That is after Joshua looks to unify the titles and if he wins Klitschko deserves a rematch, if Joshua gets destroyed, that is another story. Only time will tell.


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