Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 review

As much as I looked forward to this I was actually disappointed. The zillion trailers played out of sequence threw the flow of the movie out of sync as did the excessive and unexpected language. The original speculation 3 years ago was that Howard the Duck, Cosmo, Adam Warlock and Peter’s dad would all play major parts in the movie. As was The collector.

Then it was said that Peter’s dad would either not be in it or a small part and they would be fighting a completely different faction. ***SPOILER*** The idiots on Youtube were all wrong and the movie was a whole “daddy issue” movie and when you see it you will know exactly what I mean.

The gushiness and hatred that goes back and forth comes to a head and that was fine. The betrayal and coming together was fine and the jokes were also well placed. I still wanted to see a larger type of war to save the damn GALAXY and that was not the case.

I have downloaded it and seen it three times and can’t fall for it like the first. It was like they went in saying OK we are money and let’s moves on to The Avengers movie and phoned it in. Can you watch it? Sure. It does have some language. Was it equal to the original? No and I routinely watch the hell out of a movie to see if I can fall for it but I still was left unimpressed but it was watchable.


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