Sometimes your actions are to protect others

Sure we can say and be despicable, we few are made that way

we do it on purpose?

Have you ever realized some things are wrong that need to

have it made right?

I mean some things are too deep to go into but there are some

you do not want to hurt

But then again you’d like to help them with some things while

hiding your own

Make things right?, Make things move along?, say helpful things

that don’t work, so do the opposite?

You tried, you failed, you are no longer wanted, left behind but

there’s some things you did to cause it!!!

You HAD TO. That is all they need to know and they will hate

you now forever

They made it easy and you tried different things but you did

not know how far gone they were AGAIN

But that is good because you KNOW things about them that

they do not and a LOT about YOU

YOU TRIED, you tried a different approach and now they

cut and run and it is BETTER for them

For what may come NEXT they will never be prepared

for but SOME memories will be TOUCHED

They will wonder after all of this how did this happen

so soon…


2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey



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