Lilies in her hair

Exquisite flora fits her cheeks so well

dies inside to be in her way

She seems to always find my path on

a daily romp around town

Why do we never speak?, not even a

little bit

Trying to but you whisp up your cell

as I get close

You eye me up and down, laugh and

seem to blush

You torture me but I think it is you

that is afraid

Yes you, with the lilies in your hair

wearing eye catching nothingless

Nothing gets me away from both your

lilies and your eyes

Then again there is a quake to how

your lips tremble

You will eventually drop your guard

as this is not coincidence

You seem to relish dancing around me

and I can’t take it

You and your never ending dazzling

display of new colors of lilies daily

One day your loving will be all mine

it will be oh so good

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey





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