Constantly driven hard by pain

I know what started it all but never at once. It brings fever, chills, added lack of sleep, inability to concentrate and more. Normalcy for me is anything I try for me fails but I know I did something that directly caused it. Now it just comes. Meds that would ease it make it next to impossible to breathe, something I try to hide. Meds that make it easier to deal with stress make it worse and adds to an already hard to breathe stage.

It will change me for my immediate future and my intermediate one, though there are outlying causes to consider.


2 thoughts on “Constantly driven hard by pain

  1. Anyone who has experienced pain and the need for help can relate to these words harmoniously! Very true words x


    • I’m a quadruple masters in pain. Chronic fatigue and all it’s friends, massive concave cramping, osgood schlachter, scoliosis, multiple nerve damage and discs slipped, 12 tears throughout my shoulders, concussion syndrome and more. Normalcy is that you can also get muscle soreness or breakdown but had to do something to earn it and you can only have so much pain at once. Those have both been turned off by my brain and body. Yet it would seem I shouldn’t be able to even walk but I’ve always outbid the odds.


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