Really not feeling like myself

If it has not been one thing it has been another. Non explainable illnesses and pain to ones I am familiar with. Of late now I can’t breathe and I have massive migraines. Added is an inability to have any work luck. Though I do have some in 5 weeks. It will be hard to stay with a place unless something changes.

I need to go to school and the pain I went through last week and everything else has my just feeling worn. My best alternative is to train. I have nowhere to do so that would not put me unable to breathe even more before training, but something has to give. I have to be able to deal with stress, standing up in school, learning more about what I will be getting myself in to in 5 weeks and know it all in my sleep. Easier said than done sadly.

Added is being constantly behind after being screwed over while here and I need a serious break. My bike is a bad break as I have ZERO brakes and can’t afford to do anything about that and impending bills without some luck.


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