Well besides having strong feeling towards family I may have to step up

My family was holding onto info and holding back from saying what was on their mind. Mind you, old days things get said and done and people have accidents.

It’s a new day but even worse if I take a hiatus I’m not letting a brother to me take a verbal attack. I know our past and I know what he used to be able of saying and doing. But I’m not letting him take grief from a pos.

15 years ago it would be a problem buried in a hole. I have a lot going on and this family member does as well and I’ll be damned if I allow things to happen to this family member. This person, I’ll take a bullet for. I would’ve decades ago and in between I’d hesitate but now yes.

I’m not allowing my limited family to be threatened or worse. Even the ones I’m not talking to. But those that I’m protective of is a different story.  I know in many cases I can’t win for losing but it is what it is. But I’ll try.


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