A way around a map needed

V oid of the chosen path in front 

O nly steam rolling forward to them

I n those stages the way is just a choice

D rudged through the mud are now names

I n angst I wish the worst against those involved

N ow I have to make choices regarding those I speak

G etting to it I have a lot on my plate at the moment

Well besides having strong feeling towards family I may have to step up

My family was holding onto info and holding back from saying what was on their mind. Mind you, old days things get said and done and people have accidents.

It’s a new day but even worse if I take a hiatus I’m not letting a brother to me take a verbal attack. I know our past and I know what he used to be able of saying and doing. But I’m not letting him take grief from a pos.

15 years ago it would be a problem buried in a hole. I have a lot going on and this family member does as well and I’ll be damned if I allow things to happen to this family member. This person, I’ll take a bullet for. I would’ve decades ago and in between I’d hesitate but now yes.

I’m not allowing my limited family to be threatened or worse. Even the ones I’m not talking to. But those that I’m protective of is a different story. ¬†I know in many cases I can’t win for losing but it is what it is. But I’ll try.

I’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere

I must be a hypocrite

I must be a sociopath

Perhaps I am in the middle

I must be just the victim

I must be a fallen warrior

Perhaps I am nothing

I may have lost my mind

I may have lost the way

Perhaps I am in traffic…

Against it

A lot of uphill battles

G ot TOO many angles

A lot of BS hurting me

I n trying I fall straight

N ot to quit but to assess

S ometimes there is no time

T hough a thought is needed

I n this instance I have run out

T here is little I can do but wait

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com

Six word story number 4 part 58

“I need some simple me time”

10 Day Spring step workout Day 4 ***Runner’s edition***

Here we have a strong sample workout that can be adjusted in distances by as little as 200 meters per interval to as much as 2 miles. This is going to be abs and running period and if you are not in decent shape, drop two intervals and/or add recuperation time. You otherwise may be hurting all day or throwing up.

Ok this is an up then down pyramid with leg raise ab exercises. I have a video but it needs to be modified. At the top of the motion you need to thrust your legs up to raise your hips off of the ground and you need to do these as if you would with a partner, alternate your core movement medially and laterally. Basically, switch left to right and do 20-30 reps. The running is 400-800 meters, then a mile, then 2, then 3/4 ths of a mile and then an all out 400. Do the abs in between and take 5 minutes in between. This should be damn close to race pace or faster if you base it off of longer races.