The Fate of the Furious ***Loads of spoilers but I am not dropping***

OK, fans of the franchise heard all of the rumors as to why Dom would turn and it was all about ‘FAMILY”, very true but it is a quickly told one in the movie. Everyone that was expected to be in the movie was. The Cuban scene had reasons, a couple. There are a few things that happen along the way while Dom is trailed by both his team and Cipher, he pulls off a move that even the end of the movie does not tell how he did it, let alone what is caused and once again, while being watched how he accomplished using many things without coming under much suspicion.

There is somewhere near 45 minutes of footage in trailers and a lot of the wording is off or the placement of action and words are misleading. If you liked the rest you will like this despite there being lots of questions, especially without anyone having any talks about ANY talks about WTF went down on screen. It was all tidy and off screen and a normal send off at the end without an end credit scene.

It was fun and I was set to get my own copy but did not. I was lucky to be taken to it though as I was not up for the slightest travel or spending.


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