Should have known

I’d be here, you’re gone

I’m here mainly just for you

I just got lied to


You forget things done

You forget being a kid

You almost stole one


Cried on my shoulders

Caring to do it nightly

Calmness as I stayed


Then your big dumb fight

The one screaming for my help

Then you turned your back


Yes you did a lot

Yet you did need me a lot

You’ve owed me DECADES


Soon it’s all over

Sadly you’ve missed your WINDOW

See, I had reasons


Being naive is bliss

Being stupid is much worse

Bring nothing else now


It’s been five months now

It’s been five years from your kid

It won’t work for you


***But with me it is over and you can’t get it back when I am not here***

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey



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