Can/Daq TFS

At some point someone had to sing this to you. You and a few others have been such wonderful friends. I do not know what is gonna happen immediately or in what time frame. I know you will be thinking of me…Obviously this is a spoof of us as I know how you roll:)


Six word story number 4 part 57

“You and I WERE the CLOSEST”

Should have known

I’d be here, you’re gone

I’m here mainly just for you

I just got lied to


You forget things done

You forget being a kid

You almost stole one


Cried on my shoulders

Caring to do it nightly

Calmness as I stayed


Then your big dumb fight

The one screaming for my help

Then you turned your back


Yes you did a lot

Yet you did need me a lot

You’ve owed me DECADES


Soon it’s all over

Sadly you’ve missed your WINDOW

See, I had reasons


Being naive is bliss

Being stupid is much worse

Bring nothing else now


It’s been five months now

It’s been five years from your kid

It won’t work for you


***But with me it is over and you can’t get it back when I am not here***

2017 Copyright Paul McAleavey


Various friends here know I have been having some ailments

Before coming here I kind of knew there were unavoidable issues I would be dealing with. Things have been bad to say the least. the list is huge and deferrals and reasons along with tests and either no findings or ones with clues now have me down to 5 plus the 3 I knew of before leaving. I will go to one specialist, tell only those that pm me and nobody else. I will do little to aid this as it is probably going to go bad and I will not be able to be helped and any family involvement will have me getting distanced by them, so I will be on my own. I got screwed at so called work and that is going to hurt me for rent as well as my deferrals and I may not be able to live up to certain obligations as I know things and can’t do what I should be able to physically and any medications worsen it and it is becoming apparent at school, despite my attempts to hide it.