I hate being intolerant to any weather the last 9 months

This used to happen if I had meds I was taking and I suddenly stopped without a wean or if I was drinking for days and had the same result.

My norm for sleep was a fan always at the foot of my bed and a good ac at about 64 and that almost always made me feel right. But there were times middle of the night I’d wake up with a cold sweat and yes I knew what caused it then.

Now I don’t. It’s sometimes chronic and sometimes random. All I know is a narcotic pain killer was the culprit of that, a temperature spike and night sweats. Even if I turn off the air and turn it to heat I’d need an immediate shower and then run off to the plasma donation location. Yesterday it was a wasted 3 hours. My heart rate isn’t bad but I’m sure if I wasn’t still in bed and wearing two pairs of sweats and a coat it will be bad and my temperature would spike as I’d need another layer and a scarf and gloves. Normally I’d knock back out but I can’t and sadly it’s been cold for here and I was even feeling cold at 80 yesterday so going out when 50 will obviously fail me a second day. So I’ll pass or I’ll go later. I’m in dire need of showering but I can’t with the way I feel and it’s really odd to me that 73-75 feels so cold in every location I’ve lived in


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