I tried to run away but I’m not good enough

I’ve had a storied life, things that nobody knows I’ve achieved or that I have wrong with me. Many things are unbelievable. My last girlfriend used to say “but look at you”. Well my look las changed over the past couple of years and every ache, pain, ailment I had growing up have made friends with the new list and then the updated list.

My lifetime ailments include scoliosis, torn Achilles, space in between my knees, tachycardia and massive systemic cramps that have muscles go concave and lasts for extreme long times and can come regardless of weather, my conditioning or hydration.

I knew of my intermediate issues stemming from my accident and the growths, diseases, spots and more. My shoulders need steroid treatment for a year that can’t be covered. But the worst seems to be be coming to fruition. I was told a different climate would slow it down.

I had things to fix and accomplish. I achieved one. Shortly another. One disappeared on me and others had me fail miserably. The one that disappeared hurt the most, it crushed me.

I was told of really odd things that make no sense that are real personal that would occur. Now I have to see if this is just Series of small and painless things or far worse. I guess I’ll see.


2 thoughts on “I tried to run away but I’m not good enough

  1. Vic says:

    Just never lose hope. Have faith that everything will be fine, someday. Bless you.


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